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SLAUGHTER DAUGHTER (2012): Watch It For The Cast Only

Slaughter Daughter

Slaughter Daughter written and directed by Travis Campbell and distributed by Brain Damage Films, is about a girl who was stood up on her wedding day and snaps. She falls in love with a serial killer that is incarcerated and snaps and kills off her family members. Why her family members, that is still a mystery, I guess so she would just have some people to kill because it’s not really fleshed out as to why her murderous tendencies turn towards her family.

This film certainly starts out with some potential with a great 70’s throwback style but quickly losses momentum with a senseless script. Contributing to the 70’s vibe is Campbell’s shot choices and camera setups. There’s a lot of close ups and not much camera movement, whether this was intentional or lack of equipment it certainly brought me back to the 70’s. One of the best elements in the film is Campbell’s old school soundtrack, here he certainly shines as a composer.

Tim Dax and Nicola Fiore Slaughter Daughter

The cast is wonderful Nicola Fiore shines as the mentally tormented Farrah and Leesa Rowland as Farrah’s mom are a delight. Some of the dialogue seems cheesy but that is the scripts fault not the casts. Another delightful surprise was Tim Dax playing the killer Farrah falls in love with.

Despite the cast, soundtrack, and 70’s feel, nothing can help the story. It just falls short on any and all levels giving nothing redeeming to enjoy.

I’ll also note that if you are an indie filmmaker and plan on doing a horror movie or a movie about a killer, choreograph your kills better and get a talented makeup artist. I see this all to often in indie horror flicks where the kills are utterly laughable, (when it’s not meant to be) and kills the film worse than bad CGI. In Slaughter Daughter the blood doesn’t even look right.

If you want to check this one out do it solely for Nicolas Fiore, Leesa Rowland, and Tim Dax. If you want to watch something with an interesting story or to be entertained, you’ll be disappointed.


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