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BLOOD SOAKED Second Opinion Review By One Of Our Readers

Blood Soaked 2014

EDITOR’S NOTE: I posted my review of BLOOD SOAKED (you can read it here) and one of our readers left a comment about how they were going to stop reading the site because we had given bad reviews to some films they liked. I know if I read a review I don’t agree with I have a fit about it and stop reading the whole publication, cause every person BETTER like what I do, jeez (kidding, kidding; seriously, everyone has the right to their opinion). Anyway, I gave them the opportunity to write a second opinion review of one, BLOOD SOAKED. Here’s their take on the film.

Let me start this first by saying thank you to Chad (Armstrong, Editor) at Legless Corpse for giving me the opportunity to write a second opinion review for the film. He puts his money where his mouth is and that is rare and very commendable.

Second, let me also say that the review previously posted to Legless Corpse is shallow and thoughtless. The only defense I can logically give for the first review posted to this site is that it must’ve been viewed on a nine inch CRT monitor with headphones that are broken on one side. I harbor a lot of passion for films that break molds and try new things, and BLOOD SOAKED is among an upper echelon of independent horror movies that take no prisoners and show you something you’ve never seen before, like it or not. In this case, you’ll like it.

Blood Soaked 2014

The plot treks through a relatively easy going first day of college for our rather attractive heroine Piper (played by Heather Wilder).  She’s going to art school and meets up with a standard issue art school crowd (pretentious, weird, self-absorbed, etc.) including the equally attractive and very lesbian Ashley (played by Rachel Corona).  They hang out, go to a party, and Piper ends up cheating on her six-pack of a boyfriend back home and makes out with Ashley in a scene that is both exploitative and sweet at the same time.

Then, all of it goes wonderfully downhill. The new lesbian couple is ambushed by two insane neo-Nazi homophobic zombie breeding sisters, played incredibly well by the large chested Laina Grendle and the not-so-well-endowed-but-equally-easy-on-the-eyes Hayley Derryberry. Derryberry you will recognize from the horrid RABID LOVE from earlier this year, but do yourself a favor and ignore that performance (and film) completely, because this redefines her psycho persona.

Beyond that, I can’t say anything more as I will get into an incredible amount of spoilers. But that’s one of the things that sets this film apart from the standard issue indie dreck we all have to wade through. It’s a brisk 70-something minute journey through hell for the nubile Piper that is a constant barrage of curveball after curveball of plot twists, bold cinematography moves, and seamless set design.

Blood Soaked 2014
Blood Soaked 2014

Many special things happen in this movie, I can’t go into them all for sake of spoilers, but its main purpose is to have fun. Turn your brain off, crack a beer, enjoy the insane and illogical plot, and experience some camera moves and edits that amplify the off the wall experience. There is never a dull moment, it never takes time to breathe, and has its roots deeply planted in American grindhouse filmmaking. Not the way DEAR GOD NO did, with goofy subtext and stupid in your face delivery of ridiculous element after ridiculous element, but with a subtle seriousness that allows you to enjoy the relationships, get invested in characters, and then have a laugh as they die at the same time. Its akin to the tone of the first EVIL DEAD, where its all delivered without a flinch or a wink to the audience, yet tonally it’s a straight up comedy. This kind of mixture of comedic and horrific elements is something that’s constantly attempted, but rarely executed this well.

As for the DVD, the extras are worth it and include the original short film BLOOD SOAKED was based on, two commentaries (one of which includes Wilder and Grendle getting drunk), an (again drunk) introduction, and some trailers.

All in all, this is another hit for what may be becoming my favorite company, Wild Eye Releasing. 5 out of 5 stars.

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