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SCREAM QUEEN STREAM Turns Classic Horror On Its Ear With Gender Reversal Parodies

Jessica Cameron and Heather Dorff are the ladies behind the new you tube show, Scream Queen Stream. The show is a variety show that showcases their lives and horror friends with interviews, drinking games, challenges and more.

Heather Dorff and Jessica Cameron, your hosts for Scream Queen Stream

Every Friday at 11:00 AM Scream Queen Stream presents a new adventure. This week’s episode features the girls first Gender Reversal Parody of a popular scream queen scene from a classic film. This is going to be an ongoing segment, so feel free to request your favorite horror movie scene! The parody scene itself was released early — check it out!

Last week’s adventure followed along as our girls (with guest star Julianne Gabert, from Girls on Food) trolled Tinder. Watch as Jessica and Julianne make Heather open a Tinder account and go swipe crazy! Watch #DrunkDorff respond to the creepy guys in funny and intelligent ways all for your amusement, just click HERE.  Another fun episode featured the girls favorite men’s dating profile photos, so if you are wondering what photo not to share, then you should check out this episode by clicking HERE.

The series is funded through the subscription service Patreon, and subscribers gain access to exclusive content including giveaways, group and private live streams with Jessica and Heather, signed postcards and photos, and more! Anybody can watch, but subscribers get a close, intimate look at the making of the series, and are even able to offer input such as suggestions for future episodes.





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