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RAGE: MIDSUMMER’S EVE – Where Do You Hide When The Day Is As Treacherous As The Night?

rage: midsummer's eve
Michael Vardian plays Finnish ‘Kimi’ in Rage: Midsummer’s Eve

Arctic Circle based, American indie horror “Rage: Midsummer’s Eve” has gained a lot of attention in horror medias during its production. Directed by American-Finnish female director Tii Ricks, a Brooklyn girl, the film offers horror fans something that hasn’t really been covered in horror films before.

As a tribute to all the genre’s legendary and favorite films of Ms. Ricks – the film starts with the traditional set up of friends traveling to a distant location. This time it is American and British friends studying in Finland, who decide to take up an offer to visit the Finnish Arctic Circle to experience the Midnight Sun, and to celebrate Midsummer’s Eve – an old pagan festival when people celebrate the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

“I have spent several summers in Finland and the Midnight Sun never stops to amaze me, but it also happens to frighten me. It is beautiful, but at the same time it is really creepy”, Ricks says.

Midsummer’s Eve is much older and celebrated internationally more widely than for example Halloween. Although Midsummer’s Eve is not that much about Witchcraft and spells as it used to be in pre-christian times, this mystical holiday is still full of strange things and traditions.

Rage: midsummer's eve
Holly Georgia plays American ‘Hannah’

“Summer Solstice is all about appreciating Mother Nature and the spirits who have blessed the people of this earth with all that nature has to offer. Finland is known for its nature and peaceful atmosphere, and the idea of breaking that peace of nature during the time when you really shouldn’t be messing with the wrong people, or with unnatural things you know nothing about, makes it really interesting for me”, Tii Ricks describes.

Tii Ricks has won several awards as a director and film editor while working in Finland, including “The Best Music Video of The Year” -award. The Director of Photography for the film, Mr. Lawrence Dolkart, has previously shot music videos for example for Marilyn Manson, Rage Against the Machine, and Stone Temple Pilots, to name a few. Other crew credits include for example “Mimic 2”, “Terminator 3”, “The Hangover” and “American History X” to name a few.

Rage: Midsummer’s Eve is now available on Video On Demand. It will also be available in selected theaters in the US, and later on DVD.

To find out more about the film, please visit: .


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Chad Armstrong

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