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A Quick Talk With SMOTHERED Director John Schneider

John Schneider’s SMOTHERED cast Photo
If you haven’t been able to catch the horror-comedy SMOTHERED, written and directed by John Schneider, you are missing a fantastically funny film.

John was able to spare a few moments for us and answer a couple of questions about the movie.

LEGLESSCORPSE: SMOTHERED is a great concept, a horror fanboy’s wet dream cast. How did the concept of the film come about?

JOHN SCHNEIDER: The notion of horror icons being hired to haunt an RV park was something Richard Brooker and I started talking about in Germany last March. The addition of them actually being lured by the heroin and her dysfunctional mother was mine. There are many times I’ve wanted to leave a bad trade show for a sure thing!

LC: Kane Hodder is big and intimidating with his iconic status of playing ‘Jason’, was it hard getting that very fun and hilarious performance out of him?

JS: Kane is actually a very funny guy. Also has a heart for the underdog and downtrodden because of his past experience with being burned. I think the recovery time he spent after the accident formed a different person than he is usually hired to play. I’ve known Kane for decades and would like to think he trusted me enough to let the real man out from behind the mask for a while.


LC: Some of the actors played themselves in the film, while others didn’t. Was that a personal choice by the actors, or was it written that way?

JS: The original plan was to have every actor play themselves. With availabilities being what they are I had to roll with the punches and change gears a bit. I think it’s a better movie because of it. Shanna and Dane did an amazing job. In fact… All of the performances out shined what was on the page.

LC: The film has a wonderful balance of horror and comedy. Did you find it hard to combine the two genre’s but maintain the over-all feel of the film?

JS: First of all… thanks for saying that. Much of the comedy came from the relationships that the cast brought to the set every day. They were all in the same building (dressing rooms were all together) and I believe they spent most of their free time in the common area rehearsing and getting to know each other better. Don’t get me wrong… There is plenty of comedy in the script but they added a level of reality to it that made it feel very easy when we were shooting.


A Quick Talk With SMOTHERED Director John Schneider

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