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Rampage: Capital Punishment
We had the pleasure of throwing out some questions to Writer Director Uwe Boll about his new film RAMPAGE: CAPITAL PUNISHMENT which comes to DVD and Blu-Ray August 19th.

LEGLESS CORPSE: The character Bill Williamson, is very intense and his motives in Rampage: Capital Punishment are very politically motivated. Why did you go that route with the story, did some of your own political views merge into the character?

UWE BOLL: Absolutely. Everything that Bill says about politics is my opinion. We all get brainwashed and we don’t live in a democracy.

LC: Brendan Fletcher (as Bill Williamson) had a lot of monologues in the film, which were extremely well written. Is it hard bringing an actor to the level you want during lines and lines of intense dialogue?

Uwe Boll

UB: This is the reason Brendan has a co-writer credit – he had to work out how to say my long monologue.

LC: This movie is different from most of your other work, which is more action oriented. What made you switch directions and go with a very hard edge political thriller?

UB: I started that turn with ASSAULT ON WALLSTREET and I keep doing it now in Rampage: Capital Punishment. I’m a very political person and I think Hollywood completely ignores the reality around us. They make movies likes 12 YEARS AS A SLAVE and think that is controversial – it’s absurd.

LC: In your career you have gotten a lot of criticism about your films, the video game adaptations mostly, do you see yourself going back to adaptations, or are you content creating your own properties moving forward?

Brendan Fletcher

UB: I love making movies about stuff that actually happens around us but I still will also do pure genre films if I get the financing together.

LC: You are one of the busiest film makers working today, so I know you got other projects in works. What can we look forward to next from you?

UB: I have RAMPAGE 3 (the last part it will be) in the works, but also a great thriller named 12 HOURS and a VIKING movie in the works.

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