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Exclusive QA With Megafoot Director Rolfe Kanefsky

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Crowd funding is flooded with horror projects, most don’t look all that good and I wouldn’t trust a dime to the filmmakers. However, every once in awhile you’ll stumble across a project that looks so fun and amazing you just have to shell out some cash.

Megafoot is one of those projects, a throw back to the good old days of movie monsters. Rolfe Kanefsky and company’s project is one of the rare ones that you should throw your money at. The project campaign is seeking funds for the creation of Megafoot, which will be a practical monster and not a dreaded CGI creature. Not only will they create the monster but the first 10 minutes of the film.

We were lucky enough to have a quick QA with Rolfe about his newest creation.

LeglessCorpse: As a horror movie fan, I’m all about practical effects and using physical creatures as opposed to CGI. As the Director of Megafoot, why are you choosing Practical over CGI for the creature?

Rolfe Kanefsky: Well, I too am a horror fan and I also have always preferred practical effects, especially when dealing with any kind of creature movie. I think CGI can help enhance an effect when used properly but way too often, everyone relying solely on the computer and it’s just never as effective as a real physical presence on set. I always say just compare the werewolves from “AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON” to “AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN PARIS” and it’s pretty obvious which works better and still works today. The remake of “THE THING” can’t hold a candle to Carpenter’s version. A CGI creature is never more frightening than a real practical creation on set. And it also helps the actors on set to have a real villain they are fighting. You want physical contact and in MEGAFOOT there’s a lot of contact, violence, and tearing of body parts going on.

LC: You’re currently running a crowd funding campaign on for the funds to create the creature. Why crowd funding as opposed to finding private investors?

Cool Magafoot Swag

RK: Well, we are actually pursuing both. Originally, we never wanted to go the crowd funding way. However, when I posted the artwork created by Justin Osbourn for MEGAFOOT on my facebook page back at the end of November last year, people and websites went crazy over it. In less than a week, the thing went viral and everyone was talking about it. We had literally thousands of requests for tee-shirts and posters and people that wanted to see the movie right now. Well, we didn’t have a movie. We had a script, some drawings, and a kick-ass poster. So, the thought was, “If everyone wants Megafoot posters and/or shirt, let’s make those the incentives and start a campaign to raise enough money to build the creature and shoot a sample scene of the film. Then we can take that to private investors and companies to finance the whole project. And the fans that contribute will be part of the fun and help in the creation of a cool Bigfoot action horror flick!

LC: Is Megafoot going to be more scifi in nature or horror?

RK: It’s leaning towards horror with a sci-fi angle and a lot of action. It’s like “Predator” in nature but with a cyborg Bigfoot creature. I’ve also described it as “Aliens” in the woods. The script is structured like a big chase movie between the soldiers sent in to stop or destroy the escaped Megafoot while Megafoot is chasing a woman for his own…unspeakable purposes while the woman’s husband chases Megafoot, trying to save his wife. So, there are multiple chases going on throughout the course of the story. And anyone who gets in the way, meets a very bloody end.


LC: Once the funds are obtained for the Megafoot creature will you be running another crowd funding campaign to get the feature rolling or using the first ten minutes of footage to get private investors?

RK: As I said, the plan is to use the ten minute sequence to go to private investors and production companies that have already expressed interest in the project but want to see the practical Megafoot in action. If we aren’t able to raise the funds that way, then we might resort to another campaign. We just really want to make this film for the fans. “Us” being it’s biggest fans!

LC: The storyboard video for the first ten minutes of Megafoot on the campaign page looks bloody fun, does the feature include this much bloody carnage and havoc?

RK: Oh yes and a lot more. Actually, that piece of storyboards is only part of the scene. There are another 75 boards of the massacre that occurs in the opening of the film. And it gets much gorier and bloody. Five college kids meet a very nasty end in the opening sequence in a variety of ways. In fact, I worked really hard to come up with a lot of cool kills throughout the picture. There are nods to a few previous Bigfoot movies but I tried to up the ante of the nasty kills, coming up with some fresh ideas. The college girl and the tree branch is a particularly memorable kill. And later in the film, one of the army guys going down fighting Megafoot as he is killed almost five times before he finally dies. He puts up one hell of a fight. A film called MEGAFOOT needs to deliver the goods and that’s why we are trying to do this independently so it doesn’t get watered down. We’re going for a hard “R” rated movie. Blood spurts, breasts are exposed, creatures battle, and people explode. It’s all part of the gory fun of MEGAFOOT!

Now if that doesn’t sound like a kick-ass movie I don’t know what does. Grab your wallets kids and back this project and get some awesome Megafoot swag too. Learn more and contribute at the links below.

Campaign Link
Twitter Link
Facebook Link

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