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Psychological Horror THE UNDONE Needs YOUR Help!!

THE UNDONE is a psychological horror film about a young couple named Stanley and Sarah who take to a cabin so that Stanley can work on his second book. Sarah tags along with him, trying to save the marriage. When they get there, series of strange events begin to unfold.

The Undone

The filmmaker’s goal with The Undone is to make a thrilling psychological horror film that suits both art-house cinephiles and horror genre fans. It will be a film that challenges the audience both physically and emotionally., and will contain characters that wont allow viewers to feel safe or comfortable….ever.

The people behind this film think too many horror films rob the audiences by not being interesting enough or allowing you to talk about the film a week later. Unlike most horror films, they promise The Undone will have less jump scares, and more of a story. The Undone is a bold and unique film, because it is not your run-of-the-mill film, horror or otherwise. These guys are confident in their abilities as filmmakers to give we the audience something special and refreshing…but first things first; they can’t do any of this without your  help!

From the director, Chris Luciano:

“THE UNDONE is a horror film that is told in a bold, new, and exciting way that I personally can promise you has never been done before. The movie has it’s terrifying moments, but that’s not only what it brings to the table. It will also have a complex character study on two characters, Stanley and Sarah, with a commentary on today’s relationships. THE UNDONE at its core, is a relationship story tossed into a blender with the technique of Hitchcock, the strangeness of Mulholland Drive and the visual language of Paul Thomas Anderson.

The relationships explored in the film are not romanticized or made unrealistic. In fact, they are the opposite. It is grounded in reality; It is showing the truth, that settling with someone who you don’t love and who doesn’t love you back, is equally as terrifying as seeing something paranormal.

As the Director, you have my word that while watching  THE UNDONE you will never feel safe, comfortable, or at ease — you will be immersed into the story and feel your heart beating fast with Sarah or your mind racing with Stanley.

The wonderful cast and crew is formed by both people just like you. We are the guys and girls that catch the late night showings, freak out over that certain tracking shot and obsess over that writing style.

So we ask you — as lovers of cinema —  to help us achieve this goal! We will hold our end of the bargain by scaring the heck out of you, challenging your mind, and giving you a great film.”

These guys can only bring the vision for The Undone to life with your help, so no matter what the amount, anything you could contribute will help ensure they reach their goal.






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