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The Practical People, Episode III: Hiroshi Katagiri

Join host Christopher Moonlight and Jack Ritchie for the third episode of our all practical effects oriented podcast, The Practical People.

On this episode of The Practical People, we talk with the special effects phenom behind such masterpieces of creature cinema as Cabin In The Woods, Hellboy, Blade, Pirates of the Caribbean, Pacific Rim, and…well, here’s his IMDB: Mr. Hiroshi Katagiri. He’s also making his own film, GEHENNA – Where Death Lives, with famed suite performer Doug Jones and legendary special effects company Spectral Motion.

We talk about his new film, what it’s like to work with Doug Jones, Harbinger Down, and how he got the internet to believe in mermaids.

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NEXT EPISODE: (Pending Availability) Star of SyFy Channel’s Monster Man and the upcoming Monster Family, CLEVE HALL!!!

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The following two tabs change content below. an indie film maker in Austin, TX who specializes in low budget practical effects in the sci-fi and horror genre's. He is also the publisher of Moonlight Art Magazine and creator behind comics such as The Black Lipstick Curse, The Temp, and Negative.