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Peter Dukes Brings Insight Into SWEET MADNESS This July

Here at the ‘Corpse, we’ve enjoyed the hell out of some short films done by an indie director by the name of Peter Dukes and his company, Dream Seekers Productions.  As luck would have it, they’re releasing a new short film very soon, but unlike those we’re reviewed here before, this time he’s stepping away from the horror genre…but if you really think about it, he’s not stepping away all that far….

Sweet Madness

Sweet Madness will take a look at the life of the popular DC Comics character Harley Quinn; her mind, her motivations…and her bid to regain her independence.  Of course, this sort of desire is a most dangerous undertaking, considering the purest, most deranged evil that holds her in sway….she embarks on this quest by setting a deadly game in motion, the consequences of which she alone is prepared for.

The film stars Madeleine Wade as Quinn, and Micah Fitzgerald as…well, you can probably guess who he’s supposed to be. 😉  Wade has already been asked to appear in costume at the Toronto Comic-Con.



Dukes calls this a “fan film”; something he doesn’t typically do.  In this case, however, he feels the character is a complex and entertaining one that hasn’t been shown any proper love or attention in the live-action canon of film…so he decided to show her some himself.

If his previous works are an indicator of the attention to detail and depth of story he’s capable of, I for one as a film and comics fan am looking forward to his take on this particular area of the comic-book mythos…and as a horror fan knowing Dukes’ penchant for fearsome films, I’m anxious to see his take on the particularly murderous psychoses of these characters.


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