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PANDORICA (2016): Review…Resetting The Future

Pandorica – 2016

Pandorica  is a film directed and written by Tom Paton. The film is a tale about the leadership trials of the Varosha, a small tribe who remain together after a large scale event called “The Great Reset”. We begin the film being introduced to three of the potential tribe leaders, Eiren (Jade Hobday), Ares (Marc Zammit), and Thade (Adam Bond). They are entering a competition to replace the current tribe leader Nus (Luke D’Silva).

We follow our characters to the edge of a deep forest. Nus, after a short speech- dashes off into the woods and the three potential leaders plunge in after him. Nus runs deeper and deeper into the woods, leaving fake markings and attempting to mislead the other members. Eventually they find each other again, at the ancient site of the tribes original leader. They talk a while about history and leadership when something catches their attention. Something is coming through the forest. A young woman, clutching a box running from something or someone she deeply fears.

We learn the strange girl, Flinn (Laura Marie Howard) is trying to get rid of the box forever by dumping it in an ancient body of water, and they must not open it. Soon, we find out what terrifies Finn so thoroughly…there are Gods after the box and it’s contents- and they will kill anyone to obtain it. Who will survive? Which of the tribe will become the new leader? You’ll have to watch to find out.

I would like to point out that the sets and scenery in this film are absolutely stunning. The wide and aerial shots of the landscape are truly breathtaking. I enjoyed the choice Tom made to also use some subtitles in the film — don’t worry, they are used just  enough.  At no time are they distracting or unnecessary, they actually add to the tribal atmosphere quite nicely. I also enjoyed the story itself. The mythology was well thought out and Mr.Paton can clearly write well. Though the film’s focus is on Hobday’s character, I felt that Marc Zammit and Luke D’Silva stood out with their performances — they assume their characters with ease and you believe they are truly members of the Varosha tribe.

Overall the film is well worth a look. The story is well written, the actors all give a great performance and the cinematography is fantastic. I would give Pandorica  a solid 6.5/10. I look forward to seeing more of Tom’s work.




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