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New Line Cinema Releases Trailer of ANNABELLE!

Annabelle 2014
Move over Chucky, Annabelle is here.

We all may remember Annabelle as the creepy looking doll in the horror hit Conjuring and I don’t know about you, but I was dying to know what the backstory of the doll was and how she inflicted so much evil.

New Line Cinema and Warner Brothers released the trailer of Annabelle which provides a glimpse as to how the madness has begun.

A couple have received a special delivery and it appears that the woman has found perhaps a childhood doll. She places it next to her equally creepy doll collection in what looks like a child’s nursery. The couple are expecting a child. This is a bit of an ode to another horror movie Dead Silence, in both movies, the pregnant woman is killed and dolls are the pivotal aspect of horror.

However, with Annabelle it appears that a band of psychopaths have broken into the home, with one of them stating, “I like your dolls” while holding Annabelle like a dead child.

In a series of events it appears that the couple is murdered and towards the end the psychopath woman is holding Annabelle in her hand while a single drop of blood floods the doll’s eyes.

We then see Annabelle rocking in the baby’s rocking chair in the nursery.

There has been a lot of speculation as to the story about the real doll Annabelle. The doll in The Conjuring was actually created by Director James Wan. However the real puppet appears to be a raggedy Anne type doll. It is rumored that a college student receive the doll from her mother who purchased it a hobby store. But then the doll started moving on its own. One day the girl found the doll sitting on her bed with blood on her hands. At this point there was enough evidence to take the doll to a medium. The medium revealed that a young girl had been murdered on that property by the name of Annabelle. When the doll entered the home, Annabelle latched on to it.

The Warren’s were called to investigate [the same Warrens from The Conjuring] and stated that the doll wanted the soul of the young college girl. The Warren’s took the doll but Annabelle wasn’t going to give up. Eventually they locked her in a case to where she remains today.

Until the day she is released……

The movie is a predecessor of The Conjuring and is slated to be released on October 3, 2014.

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