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THE MOTHMAN CURSE (2014): Review…Some Issues, But Worth A Watch

The Mothman Curse – 2014

Are you a fan of the Mothman mythos? I certainly am; the Mothman Festival in West Virginia is absolutely on my bucketlist and I have probably seen every Mothman-related piece of cinema, from the Richard Gere movie to the hokiest pseudo-scientific I-TOTALLY-SAW-THE-MOTHMAN “documentary.” I somehow missed 2014’s The Mothman Curse. Now that I’ve seen it, however, I can’t say that I was missing very much. But stick with me, because this might be one that works for you!

The Mothman Curse follows Rachel and Katy, employees of a movie museum in England. Their “cinema museum” never has anyone in it—bad business? Filmed after hours? I must have missed why—which leaves the two women in a gigantic empty building in which they pretty much just do generic officework things. Then the Mothman starts kinda popping up and messing with the women. Rachel is constantly barraged with phonecalls from an anonymous caller, strange nightmares, and spooky sightings of the creature.

Now, this was not really a bad movie. To me, the biggest problem was the way it was filmed, which was with a crazy-blurry/grainy camera. This is next-level grainy, way more grainy than any actual found footage film I’ve ever seen.

Staying busy…

It’s almost entirely in black and white, which usually doesn’t bother me at all, but bothers me immensely when I can’t see what the hell is going on. And in this case, I could not see what the hell was going on a lot of the time. (I get that the blurriness was part of the shtick but it just didn’t work for me.)  The movie was filmed on a £10 camera, so really, you can’t expect much if you go into it with this understanding. But I also could not stand how close the camera got to the actors. Like, I-can-see-your-forehead-pores awkwardly close. (By the way, ladies of the film, you have lovely clear pores.) It was just too annoying to me.

The plot itself and the movie as a whole really isn’t too bad. It’s a little slow, but there are some weird moments that I thought were done pretty well. There is definitely an audience for this movie, especially those in the “Hooray for Found Footage” camp, who would probably be much more forgiving of the grainy film quality.

Sometimes, it’s better when you CAN’T see…

There really weren’t any moments where I felt like I should walk away from the film, or go do my laundry, or finish grading all the papers I had stacked on my desk: I was into it when it was happening. But I have to say that I wouldn’t watch it again. It’s just not for me. But could it be for you? Absolutely! Give The Mothman Curse a shot!






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