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THE MEGA BOOK OF REVENGE FILMS Vol 1 BY Danny Marianino: Review

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Books, who needs them right? We have the internet to look up everything we need to know. The only thing about that is, when you come across a cool book, with a cool topic, you can’t plop your smartphone on the coffee table for your friends when they come by they’ll see it, pick it up and flip through it. You’d probably punch them in the face for even touching your phone.

THE MEGA BOOK OF REVENGE FILMS by Danny Marianino is one of those books you want to have on your coffee table to show off to all your friends. Even to pick it up and and quiz them on some of the coolest films made. Shit, this book is the ultimate drinking game for 70’s and 80’s film fans. I mean the books dedication page says it all:

“This book is dedicated to every obsessed movie fan that gets crazy when a movie trailer is uploaded online, own their favorite films on all formats every released, spends $20 on getting an autograph from people like the guy who played Bennett in Commando, and would rather hang out with a pizza and a classic movie than go to the bar with their asshole friends. You know who you are!” 

Just reading that dedication I knew I was going to love this book. The book itself is a throwback to the old movie books that would list movies in alphabetical order, with actors, year released, and synopsis. Except here, Marianino even adds taglines, which were some of the best parts of these flicks. The biggest difference here is, along with a little synopsis, he adds a little review, which is candid, smart and sometimes funny, and tells you why he enjoyed the flick and even gives some classic lines from the films.

This is not just a few movies here people, the book is 303 pages long spanned over Fourteen chapters. The inside art is in black and white, but features some great old movie posters, lobby cards etc.

If there is one book you buy in the next year and are a huge movie fan, this is the book for you. Grab your copy at the link below and start quizzing your film snob friends, when they’re wrong, make’em drink!



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Chad Armstrong

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