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MANOS RETURNS — First Footage From Sequel To Cult Favorite Released

MANOS RETURNS is the follow up film to the cult and MST3K favorite MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE — and here’s your first taste revealed in new footage

SYNOPSIS — Four friends get lost on a road trip and stumble on a hidden cult lead by the sinister Master and his servant Torgo. As they try to escape, they get caught up in the power struggle between Debbie, given to Manos as a child 50 years ago, her mother Maggie, and the other souls twisted by their time serving the dark god. A sequel to the B-movie classic, Manos – the Hands of Fate.


The film is written by Jackey Neyman Jones (Debbie from the original film), Rachel Jackson and Tonjia Atomic

Directed by award-winning Seattle filmmaker Tonjia Atomic

Featuring original cast members Tom Neyman, Jackey Neyman Jones, and Diane Adelson, plus Bryan Jennings, son of the original sheriff, William Bryan Jennings

Produced by Jackey Neyman Jones, Tonjia Atomic, Joe Sherlock and Rachel Jackson

Director of Photography: Joe Sherlock



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