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Maniacs . . . in Animal Masks! THE BADGER GAME

At first glance, The Badger Game may look like another kidnapping-gone-awry thriller but come on, these weirdoes are wearing animal masks and if you’ve seen You’re Next, you know that any dude that puts on a lamb mask and wields a machete is a total psychopath. The Badger Game puts a spin on that. In the trailer, a woman puts jumper cables on a guy’s nipples. Well, that’s gross. Wait a second . . . she’s wearing a frog mask! A frog with hedge clippers. Now, I’m in.

The Badger Game – Coming Soon

Synopsis – “Liam is a successful advertising executive with money to burn and an appetite for infidelity. He scorned his mistress, Alex, and now she’s bent on revenge against the married man who wronged her. At first the plan seemed simple: Take Liam hostage and threaten to expose his indiscretion, lest he pay a sum of money. With the table set and the team in place, Liam soon finds himself held against his will – his perfect world about to crumble. But he won’t go down without a fight. Forced to reckon with four mysterious captors and impossible odds, his only hope is to turn the quartet against each other and make it through the night alive.”

The Badger Game will screen at the PollyGrind Film Festival and the Laughlin Film Festival.


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