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What Makes a Horror Film Family Friendly?

What makes a family friendly horror film?  Is there even such a thing?  Sometimes, yes.  Remember the film Coraline?  I’d say that’s a horror film for the whole family.  But what makes a film like that family friendly?

Coraline – 2009

First off, the lead, Coraline, was a relatable little girl.  She was relatable because her parents never had any time for her.  She eventually went to a world where she was spoiled and loved.  She got all the attention.  Isn’t that what kids want from their parents?  Come to think of it, isn’t that what adults want from their loved ones as well?  The film makers gave her an issue that we can all identify with.

Another thing was that Coraline had to fight for something that mattered most to her, which was her family.  Even though her parents drove her nuts, at the end of the day, she still loved them.  I’m sure that all of us have been driven crazy by our loved ones on more than one occasion, but we would always fight for them, because we still love them.


Last, Coraline needed to learn to be thankful for what she had.  That’s a great lesson and it’s been done in a lot of family friendly films.  But what made this great is that Coraline learned this lesson in a very terrifying way, which was the fact that her “better” mother wanted to sew buttons onto her eyes, which gave it that horror element.

Hopefully, we can see movies like Coraline in the future.  Did you guys like that film too?  What other family films can you think of that are horror related?


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In my early twenties, I was an actress in some horror films and I wrote film reviews on a Christian website under the name Sarah Brock. I'm now happy to explore the world of horror once again.