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LE FEAR 2: LE SEQUEL 2014: Review Stay Far Far Le Far Away From This Le One

Le Fear 2: Le Sequel

Maybe I’m just becoming a crotchety old man, maybe it’s because anyone can make a movie these days without talent, or maybe, just maybe, I need to start drinking more, but lately a bunch of rubbish has come across our review table.

LE FEAR 2: LE SEQUEL is not a horror film, it’s not a comedy, it’s a horror comedy mockumentary, which I don’t even know why I’m reviewing because it doesn’t belong on a horror site or any site for that matter.  This is an amateurish film that the jokes are played over and over again and you just want to strangle the Director within this movie’s movie.

The film is about a director, Carlos, who puts his life savings into the budget for a horror film. The film goes awry, with an obnoxious producer, Efi, who thinks he’s a smooth taking producer but doesn’t know anything about making films.

That’s pretty much the gist of it; there is really no beginning, middle, or end…no story or narrative to speak of, just a bunch of random camera setups that get ruined by horrible special effects over and over and over again.

This is the most action you’ll get in this film

I must have checked the running time over a dozen times watching this wanting the torture to end.  I mean, I could see new wrinkles forming on the back of my hands as my lifeforce was sucked out of my Being within these 89 minutes and 50 seconds. This movie is as bad as the one the fictional director, Carlos, was making.  Actually, with the inflatable alien and the dancing Vampires, I think the film Carlos was making would have been more entertaining to watch.

I must say though, the cast was exceptional, delivering performances that you wouldn’t expect in such a horrid film.  Hats off to the cast and especially Kyri Saphiris as Carlos for giving a little something to this otherwise waste of time.

Okay time for me to change my adult diapers and yell at some kids on my lawn… Until next time.


LE FEAR 2: LE SEQUEL 2014: Review Stay Far Far Le Far Away From This Le One

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