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Kristina Anapau Interview – “Obviously, it’s been heightened for cinema.”

You may recognize Kristina Anapau from HBO’s series, True Blood, where she played the fairy, Maurella. Don’t you dare judge me, but I love True Blood and I thought Maurella was astounding. If you don’t watch it, you may have seen Kristina in the super blockbuster film, Black Swan

Makeup artist, Teal Druda, and Kristina Anapau on the set of Altergeist.

However, if you’ve been living under a rock, you can check her out in the upcoming film, Altergeist. Altergeist follows a group of ghost hunters, led by Kristina’s character, Theresa, as they explore a haunted winery and the spirits that live there.

Kristina was kind enough to take some time out of her extremely busy schedule to sit down and speak with Legless Corpse about her upcoming projects. Plus, she was spending some time in Switzerland, which is always awesome! Here’s Kristina telling us about Altergeist and her mysterious fashion line.

LEGLESS CORPSE: All right, so, we’ve got Altergeist comin’ up. One – that looks terrifying.

KRISTINA ANAPAU: Yeah, it is. It’s terrifying. The interesting thing about Altergeist, I think, what sort of sets it apart from other genre movies and will hopefully be responsible for its success is that it’s really scary and entertaining – just as you’d expect from that sort of movie. But at the same time it has really well-developed characters and it’s beautifully shot and somehow the filmmakers were able to add in a lot of dimensions and facets that most filmmakers in the genre film category – either they don’t deem it important or what. But I think that horror fans are gonna love the additional depth.

Kristina in True Blood

LC: Yeah, and it’s based on a true story – true events – that have actually happened, too, which… you know, with those they’re either hit or miss, but this one just seemed so… I mean, you’re being haunted by your greatest fears and I don’t think it gets scarier than that.


KA: We shot it on location at Korbel Winery up in Sonoma, California, and a lot of real things have happened on that property. One of the producers grew up there and experienced a lot of those things, so he and the writer/director sort of created the script based on these true events that he’s seen happen his entire life

LC: Oh, geez. Well, that’s something to grow up in.

KA: (laughs) Well, obviously, it’s been heightened for cinema.

LC: Have you ever been to a haunted location like that?

KA: Yeah. I shot this film called The Speak, which was a low budget film that some friends of mine were doing and it was at a haunted hotel, it was super, super creepy and it was completely abandoned.

LC: Having to be on that type of set for 16 hours of day must have been just insane.

KA: Yeah, it was very insane, but filming Altergeist was great. You know, it’s beautiful up in Sonoma.  It was gorgeous driving into work every day because you’d be driving, at Magic Hour, working all night, and then driving home during sunrise, so you get to see the most beautiful parts of the day on your commute.

LC: That’s something you don’t get to see down here in LA during your commute.

KA: No, no, absolutely not (laughs).

LC: So tell us a little bit about your character in Altergeist. She’s a ghost hunter and her team is going to explore King’s Ransom Winery.

KA: Yes.

LC: Tell us a little about… her name is Theresa?

KA:  Yes, Theresa Augland, she’s a director/producer and she takes her team of ghost hunters and filmmakers up to the winery for a weekend when there’s nobody there. She and her team were allowed to go up there during the one weekend a year when no one is there, so they’re completely alone there and discover what they came for and a whole lot more (laughs).

LC: That’s what it seems like from the trailer. It’s a mixture of every psychological horror event that could terrify a viewer.

KA: Yeah!

LC: I’m really looking forward to it. When my editor told me about the film, I remember there was an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where they face their biggest fears and I thought ‘Oh, okay. It’ll be similar to that!’ No, no. This is so much more brutal, so much scarier – just so much more than I could have ever imagined.

So, it looks amazing. Do you guys have a release date lined up?

KA: It’s going to be coming out on October 15th.

LC: Right in time for Halloween!

KA: Yeah, it’s really good timing. They did a good job with that. There should be a lot of press coming out within the next month or so.

You know what else is awesome about Kristina Anapau? She’s got a mysterious fashion line coming out! We’ll let her tell you all about it right here. Oh, and guys? It’s guy friendly.

KA: For the last year, I’ve been very focused on this business that I’m about to launch. It’s a fashion product that is going to change peoples’ closets forever. We’re not releasing what it is until about three weeks from now. It’s called Color It New. There’s a launch rock page at

LC: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer some questions and give us some insight on what’s going on in your life and we’re definitely looking forward to everything you’ve got going on!

KA: It was so nice talking to you!


You all can check out the Altergeist site at and you can subscribe to Kristina’s fashion line, Color It New, at Altergeist will be released on October 15, 2014.


Kristina Anapau Interview

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