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KINGDOM COME (2014): Review…The Devil Made Me Do It

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I can’t seem to get enough of indie horror films, whether good or bad, they are always charged with a certain energy and passion that other genre’s don’t provide. There is a lot of bad indie horror movies out there, and in some of my reviews I will be very blunt and rip a film a new asshole, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate what the filmmakers were trying to do. After all, I love the genre, wholeheartedly, no matter how good or bad a film is, my appreciation is always there for these filmmakers keeping the genre alive.

But it’s even better when one comes across my desk that I know nothing about and I have no expectations for it, and it blows me away. This has happened quite a few times this year and that’s a good thing. Greg Sager’s KINGDOM COME certainly fits in this category.

KINGDOM COME starts off with nothing new with a group of strangers waking up in what seems to be an abandon building, all disoriented and not knowing how or why they are there. As the group starts to disappear one by one, Sam and Jessica must figure a way out before the horn bearing demons get to them and a child, Ceila, who they are trying to protect.

I know the setup sounds cliche’, kind of Saw-esque in nature. But besides the strangers waking up in a unknown place not knowing how they got there is the only similarity. This is an in your face Devil vs. God story. One that hasn’t really been done to much recently and has a fresh spin on it.

What’s great about the film is that you know nothing of the characters going in, but Sager and the other writers really flesh out the characters, which is always refreshing. There are characters that you want to see meet an unbearable fate and others that you care about and feel bad for. If you feel anything when a character dies in a horror film the writers have done something right.

The film is not a gore-fest by any means. There is some blood and carnage yes, but not over played and done just right to enhance the film, not to exploit. There are some cool looking demons in the film as well. Some great work by Anthony Veilleux, though I wish Sager would have kept them a little more in the background and in the dark, they are seen a little to much and by the end you aren’t really frightened by them. This doesn’t hurt the film any because the Demons aren’t the “baddie” in the film. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, you’ll just have to give it a watch.

What I was most impressed with was the ending. Sager wrapped up the story brilliantly! It plots the perfect scenario on why some of these people lived and some died, and why they were all there together in the first place, and I never saw it coming.

Over all this is a very entertaining horror film. One that’s certainly worth the watch. If you are a fan of horror films with great characters, a cool Devil vs. God story, and a thought-provoking ending, you will love KINGDOM COME.

KINGDOM COME will be available on DVD and VOD December 2nd from Uncork’d Entertainment!


KINGDOM COME 2014 Review: The Devil Made Me Do It

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