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KILD-TV Continues Its Festival Run With Best of Category – Horror At Hot Springs

KILD TV  continues its successful festival run, taking Best of Category
– Horror at the Hot Springs International Horror Film Festival held in Hot Springs, Arkansas Sept 23-25. If you get a chance stop by “The Central”, the best horror revival theatre in Arkansas, and catch the thrills.

This is a festival to keep an eye on,” Director William Collins was quoted as saying. “Hosts Bill Volland and Tamara Glynn (Samantha in Halloween 5 ) put on a very organized and impressive festival. We sincerely appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and their appreciation of our film.”

To date KILD TV  is a winner of nine festivals (nearly every festival the film has entered has gained it another laurel). Wins include Best Film three times, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Effects, Best Horror, Best Suspense Thriller, and more.

If you have not yet seen this film, you owe it to yourself to check it out!

KILD_stills7Synopsis: The crew of a local horror movie showcase is used to broadcasting creepy stories of heinous killers, but tonight they are the story, trapped with a real killer among them. Fans are tuning in to the late night show as their favorite horror host, Dr. Perseco, weaves a macabre tale of suspense and gore, but soon the horror becomes real and Dr. Perseco breaks character pleading for someone to send help. Will the audience respond or pop more popcorn?


“KILD TV is exactly what the great majority of horror fans want in a horror film
…… interesting characters, a mysterious killer, just the right amount of gore, suspense, and a little sex appeal.” –Horror Hound Magazine.

A fun B-Movie throwback with a Burton-esque feel.” –

” KILD TV is one movie (and one channel) that I’d be willing to tune in again for some reruns….. Recommended.” –Dread Central

The film has it all: dark humor, grisly gore, and even an intriguing thriller of a mystery.”

KILD_STILL1Bloody, Campy…..and Fun!!–

“KILD TV is a severed leg up on many of its contemporaries” (3 Skulls out of 4) and is “one of the most anticipated horror offerings of 2016.” –Fangoria

Kudos to the filmmakers for throwing in some pretty damn good dark humor.”
–Hayes Husdon House of Horror

4 Stars out of 5–Blood Bath and Beyond

“KILD TV is a red-blooded American horror flick featuring all the traditional elements we love; girls, gore, and a multi-murder mystery unfolding in front of our eyes.” –


For all the current news on “KILD TV,” go to the film’s Official Website or their Facebook Page.





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