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John Carpenter’s BODY BAGS (1993): Retro Review

Poster art for Body Bags 1993

Fans of the horror genre all know him. We love him. We watch his movies under a sheet… with just a peek of our pupils. He is the man that brought us Halloween.

That is really all you need to know.

John Carpenter is the shit.

It was on a weekend back when I was a wee little teenager that I first seen Body Bags, circa 1993.

Damn, I kind of feel old.

Kind of.

Back then there was no guide that told us what was to be expected on the tube. We just had to pray that it was something decent. However, all of us horror fans had a fire inside of us that had the ability to forecast when a horror flick was on. Body Bags couldn’t have came at a better time.

I was flipping through the channels one boring Saturday night when a creepy smile formed on my face. We finally had Showtime for free! At first I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I seen that morgue, I knew my horror fantasy would be fulfilled that night.

John Carpenter busted on the scene as Coroner of the year and back then I didn’t know who the hell this guy was. All I knew was that I loved this horrid looking man because he was beautiful with his gnarly teeth and ratted hair and because I knew that I was about to watch a horror movie.

Body Bags is presented as an anthology; stories that are unrelated but still have the same vision in the end. To scare you shitless. Obviously that chill factor has long gone, especially in this age of time. But there is something remarkable to say about a flick that showcases so many celebrities but at the same time seems to deliver us horror fans a delectable taste of horror.

John Carpenter in front of the camera in Body Bags

The stories come in the form of a trio: The Gas Station where a serial killer is loose- featuring our favorite nerd Robert Carradine, heart-throb Sam Raimi and another mastermind of horror, Wes Craven.

Hair, showcases Stacy Keach as a middle aged man going to great measures to become attractive.

And Eye, which stars Mark Hamill who receives an eye transplant from a very interesting individual.

The tales are unfolded by our Coroner friend going through various cadavers while he details various body tags. Natural causes? Boring! Kidney failure? Even more boring!

The meaty stuff is in the body bags because that is where the messy corpses are.

As each tale unfolds, Carpenter revels in the nature of how the deaths occurred.

As the viewers creep into the conclusion, they are in for a  little shock of their own. The real reason that Carpenter is in that morgue.

That folks is what truly epitomizes horror from the 90’s.


John Carpenter’s BODY BAGS

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