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Jessica Cameron’s TRUTH OR DARE Releases From Invincible Pictures

The independent hit film that won 34 awards world wide is now available in the USA. Truth Or Dare  was produced by Mem Ferda and stars some of the brightest stars in the independent film world, including Ryan Kiser and Heather Dorff.

The film is released by Invincible Pictures, who notoriously released the uncensored A Serbian Film  and most recently Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers.  It is currently available in stores including FYE and Family Video, as well as online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Best Buy and more.

The plot of the film is as follows: Six friends find internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with violent twists. It’s all fun and games…until their number one fan decides he  wants to play…

Jessica Cameron

Director Jessica Cameron said this about the release:

I am so thankful to work with Invincible Pictures on the release of my first film, Truth or Dare, which is very graphic in nature. Many distributors wanted to trim down the more graphic scenes for the release, and I did not want to see that happen. Invincible Pictures was excited about it in all its graphic glory which was important to me. I am very excited for fans to get their hands on the release, which is my original cut not shown till now.”

The film was a part of a crowd fund campaign, and all crowd fund campaign orders are being worked on and will be sent out shortly.

VOD and additional locations will be added over the next 2 months. All information, including where to buy the film, will be posted to the film’s facebook page:


Truth Or Dare – Trailer from Invincible Entertainment on Vimeo.


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