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Ithaca Fantastik Film Festival Announces 2016 Lineup



Ithaca Fantastik will unleash its fifth annual film festival Nov. 9–13 in Ithaca, NY. The IF team has carefully crafted a lineup to offer something for every fantastic film lover.

The festival has horror fans covered, with some of the year’s stand-out genre gems. Fantastic Fest award winner The Autopsy of Jane Doe  (André Orvedal) will lead the pack, followed closely by the ‘knock your socks-off’, Safe Neighborhood  (Chris Peckover)—a coming of age twist on home invasion that the IF team calls one of the most fun films of 2016. Horror lovers will be delighted by action-packed Headshot  (Kimo Stamboel, Timo Tjahjanto), socially-infused zombie anime Seoul Station  (Yeon Sang-ho), disturbing Pet  (Carles Torrens), as well as an over-the-top Indian take on a zombie breakout: Miruthan  (Shakti Soundar Rajan).

Extreme horror will be well-represented with yakuza tale Kiyamachi Daruma  (Hideo Sakaki), and K-Shop  (Dan Pringle), a fun horror film with deeply-anchored social commentary on British society. Plus, the wickedly fun Japanese response to Freddy vs Jason: Sadako vs Kayako  (Kōji Shiraishi).

Festival offerings will go far beyond pure horror to provide a wide view into the fantastic genre. From enchanting love story Aloys  (Tobias Nölle), to mental-illness-exploring biopic I, Olga Hepnarová  (Tomás Weinreb, Petr Kazda), to mumblecore horror comedy Another Evil  (Carson D. Mell) and Argentinean horror commentary Terror 5  (Sebastian Rotstein, Federico Rotstein). Sci-Fi fans have not been forgotten; IF will present mind-blowing anime Nova Seed  (Nick DiLiberto) and the newest trippy film from Hikaru Tsukuda: Return of MIZUNO—these movies will be an excellent segway into horror for those new to the genre.

For its fifth year, IF will continue to bring the best in documentaries to upstate NY. 24×36: A Movie About Movie Posters  (Kevin Burke) will open the festivities. The reality continues with an intimate take on Stanley Kubrick: S is for Stanley  (Alex Infascelli), as well as Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex  (Gilles Penso, Alexandre Poncet)—an enlightening look at special effects history with interviews from masters like Phil Tippett, Rick Baker and Guillermo del Toro. Finally, with a perfect mix between feature film and documentary, Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses  (David Stubbs) mind-blowingly blurs the lines between reality and fiction in this account of a New Zealand exorcism.

***FOR FILMMAKERS: the Nature’s Revenge bumper contest submission deadline has been extended to Oct. 30***

This year’s bumper contest will draw from the theme of retrospective film Long Weekend,  which proves nothing is scarier than unpredictable nature. Filmmakers are invited to submit their own original nature revenge short film to IF by Oct. 30.

How to Submit

Use to submit to Type NATURE’S REVENGE IF in the message section.

Contest Rules:

1. The film must be no more than 45 seconds,

2. The twist should involve nature taking revenge on humans for their acts against mother nature.

The IF team can’t wait to see what the beautifully twisted minds of seasoned and aspiring filmmakers will come up with. The top three entries will be screened during the festival, and winners will receive an Ithaca Fantastik festival pass.



24×36: A Movie About Movie Poster

Kevin Burke, Canada

Alipato: A Very Brief Life of Ember

Khavn, Philippines/Germany


Tobias Nölle, France/Switzerland

Another Evil

Carson D Mell, US


Rohit Mittal, India

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

André Orvedal, UK

Belief: The Possession Of Janet Moses

David Stubbs, New Zeland

Creature Designers: The Frankenstein Complex

Gilles Penso & Alexandre Poncet, US

Dearest Sister

Mattie Do, Laos


Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto, Indonesia

Here Alone

Rod Blackhurst, US

I, Olga Hepnarova

Petr Kazda &Thomas Weinreb, Czech Republic/Poland/Slovakia/France

Kiyamachi Daruma

Hideo Sakaki, Japan


Dan Pringle, UK

The Love Witch

Anna Biller, US

Master Cleanse

Bobby Miller, US


Shakti Soundar Rajan, India

My Father Die

Sean Brosnam, US

Nova Seed

Nick DiLiberto, Canada

The Open

Marc Lahore, France


Carles Torrens, USA/Spain

Return of MIZUNO

Hikaru Tsukuda, Japan

S is for Stanley

Alex Infascelli, Italy

Sadako vs. Kayako

Koji Shiraishi, Japan

Safe Neighbourhood

Chris Peckover, Australia/USA

Seoul Station

Yeon Sang-ho, South Korea

She’s Allergic to Cats

Michael Reich, US

Terror 5

Sebastian Rotstein & Federico Rotstein, Argentina

Werewolf 81’


Michael Wadleigh, US- 1981

An American Werewolf in London

John Landis, US- 1981

Retrospective: The Known Unknowns

The Naked Prey

Cornel Wilde, US- 1965


John Boorman, US- 1972

Long Weekend

Colin Eggleston, AUS- 1978

Altered States

Ken Russell, US- 1980


James Cameron, US- 1981


Visit for more information and announcements to come about special guests and events.




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