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INVADERS (2014): Short Film Review…Check Out A Delicious Thanksgiving Dessert For Horror Fans

Invaders – 2014

For a Thanksgiving treat, some talented filmmakers reached out to us here at the ‘Corpse with their multiple award-winning short film, Invaders.

I really didn’t know what to expect — all I really had to go on was what writer/director Jason Kupfer told me about the film, that it was a “…dark-comedy/horror spin on home invasion films [that] takes place on Thanksgiving night…”, and that it was “…kind of [their] awkward Thanksgiving gift to the internet.”

Armed with that titillating little bit of knowledge and the fact that I’m a sucker for short horror, in true Thanksgiving fashion, I sat down and dug in.

A couple of guys are hanging out in their old AMC Eagle station wagon (remember those?), observing from the street a family sitting down together to enjoy a Thanksgiving feast.  It’s pretty apparent by their conversation, however, that this duo isn’t here to join in the festivities — no indeed, with their debate over appropriate masks and (laughably inept) handling of bladed implements, it’s clear they’re interested in carving more than the turkey.  Finally reaching an agreement, the pair make their way to the door, axes in hand and masks on…but what they find when the door is opened is certainly not the greeting they expect…

The “Invaders”, prepared to crash the Thanksgiving party…

In the first minute, I was already laughing at this short — now you Fellow Fans out there know I’m not the biggest fan of horror-comedy, but as I’ve said before, when it’s done right, it’s done right — and this is certainly the case with Invaders.  The dialogue between the two “invaders” is funny as all hell, and brilliantly delivered by Walking Dead alums Jordan Woods-Robinson and Ricky Wayne; their timing and nuance was spot-on, sounding just as natural and unscripted as I’ve ever heard.  Putting the focus on the invaders rather than the victims and then making them an odd couple of miscreants was a nice, humorous twist.  Add to that some great references for we horror fans, with obvious nods to flicks like The Strangers and You’re Next; the comedic elements are perfectly blended with these winks and nods to the target audience to form a film that’s funny without feeling forced.  Of course, I have to give Kupfer credit for this tight and relevant writing, but my praise won’t stop there — his directorial choices also show a lot of skill behind the camera, shot choices and angles providing a visual smorgasbord that makes a film a touch over six minutes long pop with variety, never dragging or lingering.

“This is some creepy shit…”

Finally, of course, there is blood — lots and LOTS of blood.  I’m talking over-the-top, Mutant Girls Squad-level arterial spray that would make Tarantino blush.  Whereas such exposition often becomes rather tiresome, in this case I couldn’t stop laughing — the use of such “out-there” blood-letting accentuates the underlying humor in this little film perfectly, and the scene that plays out until the fade to black is hilarious despite its outrageousness.

As with any flick, this won’t be for everyone, but for you Fellow Fans out there that could use a nice dessert that won’t put you back on the couch this Thanksgiving holiday, I think this is an excellent six minutes to fit the bill.  First premiering this past Monday on CryptTV, the filmmakers have been kind enough to let us be amongst those that get this treat out to you all — by all means, enjoy!!


Invaders from Jason Kupfer on Vimeo.



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