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Interview with Sharkchild Author Of THE DARK VERSE VOL. 1

the_dark_verse_SharkchildLEGLESSCORPSE: When you sit down to write what’s your writing process like?

SHARKCHILD: Before I sit down, my writing process begins with an idea. This idea isn’t always the main plot or climactic ending; it is often a specific scene or action that really resonates with me that I want to write a whole story around. These ideas come from dreams, driving, lying in bed, showering, or a myriad of other trivial day-to-day tasks. Once I have this idea, then I sit down to write.

I then think about how to arrive at this idea and begin telling a story that will take me to that point. From there, I incorporate all of the other ingredients my story needs. When I write, I live the story in my mind as the narrator (my Dark Verse stories are in first person), experiencing each moment and writing down what I would see and what I would feel.

Beyond this, the “sound” of my writing is very important to me—its cadence and its flow. This is what makes me a slow writer—very slow—but it is also what defines my style. I write and read and reread and rewrite until the sculpture that is my words is up to a standard that I set very high. It can take me hours to write just a few sentences sometimes. It doesn’t take that long because I’m unfocused; it takes that long because of the extreme effort I put into molding my words into the sharp daggers of thought and description I uphold.

LC: There is some amazing artwork in the book; who did the art and how to you find the artist?

SHARKCHILD: One of my best friends, John F. Stifter, is an absolutely amazing artist. I have known him since I was very young, so choosing the right artist to create what The Dark Verse needed was the easiest part of making the book.

LC: Since The Dark Verse is called Vol 1, I’m assuming there is a Vol 2 in the works.  When can we expect a new one?

SHARKCHILD: The Dark Verse, Vol. 2 and The Dark Verse, Vol. 3 already exist! Each volume contains twenty-six more short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror. The Dark Verse, Vol. 3 won several awards, including a gold medal in the category of horror in the 2015 Independent Publisher Book Awards—it was also the 2015 National Indie Excellence Awards winner for horror and best cover design in fiction. The next volume to come out will be The Dark Verse, Vol. 4 which I am planning to release in 2017 or 2018.

LC: Do you feel self publishing reaps better rewards than a major publication?

SHARKCHILD: For me, it is all about the creative control. I have a very specific vision for how I want my books to look and feel. A book is a product and is more than just the words therein contained. It has the potential to invoke a feeling and mood as powerful as any brand out there. Book publishers have this control and not their authors—as a self-published author, I have control of both the words and their casing. The negative side of self-publishing is that I must fight to be known. There is no easy way to get your book out there—it is a great adventure—but I hope that the quality of my books will give me the edge I need to succeed and eventually make a career out of writing.

LC: How many second editions do you plan on printing and how long do you think readers will have to grab one before they are sold out?

SHARKCHILD: I will most likely be printing 1,000 copies of the second edition of The Dark Verse, Vol. 1. Over a hundred of these copies will already be sold upon the completion of the Kickstarter campaign and many more will be sold throughout the year. There is no telling how long they will last, but they will be gone much faster this time around!

Reserve a copy of this amazing book now before they are gone!

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Chad Armstrong

President/Co-Owner at LC Films
Chad Armstrong is a writer/producer/director who was born and raised in Long Beach CA. In 2009 he relocated to Alabama where he founded LeglessCorpse, a site dedicated to independent horror films, and soon after created the indie horror distribution company LeglessCorpse Films (currently known as LC Films). Not only is he co-owner of and LC Films he is also President of the newly formed Back Aisle Video label. Chad's most recent feature film is Deimosimine, and currently in development on the feature film Blood Dancers 2: Full Moon.