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Interview with LOS MUERTOS Director Alfonso Flores Jr.

LEGLESSCORPSE: How did you come up with the initial concept of Los Muertos, what was the inspiration for it?

ALFONSO FLORES JR: I am a big fan of horror no doubt. When movies came out based with a sinister female character , I was always drawn to see it since most horror movies were predominantly male based. The change in gender made those horror movies more enticing since girls are generally seen dolled up and pretty in movies. A strong female lead playing a badass is well, BADASS !
My writer John Morgan and I kicked the can a while after looking over my original concept for the story and seen an opportunity to develop a stronger story line with a cool character. Dia De Los Muertos was our focus and without a doubt a story developed about the Lady Of The Dead Catrina. There has been movies on Dia De Los Muertos before but not quite like ours. Our storyline delves into a back story of Catrina and how she became the Lady of the Dead in a Victorian era and spliced with a modern story of partying, drug use, culture all as a paranormal horror.
LC: The trailers are genuinely creepy and well put together. How much of the film do you have actually shot or was the footage for the trailer shot specifically for funding purposes?

AF: Thank you for the praise! We have shot about a third of the film and have a ways to go. When we shot the footage we do have, we were on a time constraint as the prime location which was the old Linda Vista Hospital in Boyle Heights was getting its doors shut for good as a filming location. The location was bought and began a $40M renovation to become a retirement home.
Go Figure! My 11 year old son Matthew said, oh looks like the location will be getting some new permanent residents in the future- No pun intended!
We intended on getting some good shots for the actual film use as best we could during our time there and we did. Some of our crew state they even felt, seen and heard things that shouldn’t be!

LC: You currently have a funding campaign on Kickstarter, what is it about Los Muertos that will entice fans to back the project?AF: Yes we do. We have been working on campaigning but has been rough! Crowdfunding is a strange creature. We looked at other campaigns that looked OK for comparison and had raised funds. We figured we had a shot, but guess not! Unless we are making a goofy comedy, a documentary on goats climbing mountains or an artsy film we haven’t got any love. And thats the truth! Look, we, and I mean our team, all have the passion and drive to make this film and hopefully bring back genuine horror that has been lost in film nowadays. We are relying on practical scares, not CGI ! Look at the Halloween season and the GRAND popularity it draws in one month. In 2014, the National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasted total Halloween spending—including candy, costumes, and decorations to come in at $7.4 Billion ! YES THATS BILLION. $2 Billion of that is candy alone.

Practical scares is and has been a continued method. Think about all the Halloween mazes and the HUGE draw it has on people. Those are all practical scares right? So how is a movie any different? Look at the popularity of THE WALKING DEAD- Mostly all Practical effects! CGI is OK in some cases and sometimes overly done to make a movie look awful. ” IF IT AINT BROKE, DONT FIX IT ! ”
Bottom line is, we want our viewers to be scared with some things they can relate to and in everyday life- like paying bills LOL.
LC:  What can we expect from the film that makes it stand out from all the other supernatural films hitting theaters and video in the last 5 years?

AF: Whats different about LOS MUERTOS is that we have a story that borrows from a character that has a long historic background in the Mexican culture dating back to the early 1900’s known as “La Catrina” which means Dapper Skeleton and has become the referential image of Death in Mexico when celebrating Dia De Los Muertos. The Aztec celebration of the dead which dates back hundreds of years with willingness to laugh at death became synonymous in Mexico and has been adapted all over the world in the same tradition as Mexico by painting faces as skeletons, honoring the dead and dressing up in Dia De Los Muertos fashion.

What does this all mean? It means that we have chiseled a great story with deep root connections using a symbolic character that has a connection worldwide. The story touches on the use of the street drug Molly which has led to many unfortunate deaths. We have taken popularity on a detour with horror!

LC: If crowd funding is successful, when would you like to have the film finished and ready for the fans to see?

AF: If we succeed in raising our funds, we will resume filming a month after lock down and scheduling is set. We have been in idle with lots of new ideas brewing and itchy to put into use. Our make up and effects team is traditional and fresh with ideas. Having a solid fund avenue of course makes things possible and we know that issues may arise from time to time but we are ready to tackle it all. We plan to have all filming done in 2 months since we will be filming on weekends only, but we move fast and and break from the norm of how many scenes we do in one day. Hopefully completion and editing is all done by January/February and we will be ready to rock. We recently did a promo at the SCARE L.A. convention and the crowd loved our idea, our actors and especially the preview of seeing Catrina The Lady Of The Dead before their eyes. We were a crowd favorite! Our Actors and crew are all jazzed and have been but seems I cant get any of them to work without feeding or paying them- The nerve of some people ! Props and effects will be created by A Corpse Maker.

Interview with LOS MUERTOS Director Alfonso Flores Jr.


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