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Interview With JAKE’S ROAD’s Mike Mayhall

Filmmaker Mike Mayhall

Mike Mayhall, a veteran stuntman who has worked on some biggish fare as Olympus Has Fallen and Looper, tells us about his new gig as writer/director of the top-rate thriller Jake’s Road (now on DVD and Digital) Check out our review of JAKE’S ROAD HERE!

How would you classify Jake’s Road, Mike?
It’s a total mix. Thriller/Action/Horror …if I had to put them in order. And, because those are my favorite.

What inspired the story?
I started to focus on Jake’s Road when I moved from Los Angeles back to New Orleans. I wanted to do a thriller and horror movie, because I just love the genre. But, I wanted it to be intelligent and suspenseful, rather than hack and slash. I also wanted it to have personal meaning beyond the story.

I spent many of my younger days at my stepfather’s hunting cabin out in the back- woods of Folsom, LA. A place simply called, ‘The Camp,’it sits on 250 acres of land next to a small stream—ideal for a horror movie. It’s a place where your imagination can run wild. It was the site of some epic parties. It was an escape from the everyday and was filled with so many wild tales of the unexplainable that they bordered on supernatural.

It was also the birthplace of an old campfire story about a hired hand, named Jake, who went crazy one night and took revenge on the former owners of The Camp. So, I guess you could say Jake’s Road is one half my twisted imagination and one half stories and events from my youth.

But, the story of Jake’s Road is so much more than that. All that is just the back drop. It’s got some great acting, some fun action and twists that are just soul crushing.

Are there certain things that are a prerequisite for a thriller or horror movie?
A fun and yet slightly warped imagination.

How important is sound to you?
So, So, So important. It takes you from one moment to the next. It completely sets the mood. Our killer has his own sound that plays when he’s around. Kinda of like jaws. You hear those cords and it’s ‘oh shit time’.

What’s the feedback been like on the film? Is it something you monitor?
I do pay attention to feed back. Bottom line, I am making this movie for an audience. I really want them to like and enjoy the time they spent watching Jake’s Road. It’s really as simple as that. And, we’ve gotten some great feed back and reviews. I feel lucky.

Finish this sentence, if you like……You’ll love Jake’s Road!
If you like the original Friday the 13th and Momento you’ll love Jake’s Road.

Favorite thriller or horror movie?
Way, way, way to many to name. Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Scream, It Follows.

Favorite filmmaker?
Rian Johnson, Clint Eastwood, Judd Apatow. To be honest I don’t have just one Favorite. I love watching a film and getting into the story and if I like it thenI look up the filmmaker. And, become a fan.

What’s next for you?
Currently, I am working on several scripts. A bit more in the action world to take advantage of my stunt background. More immediately, I am producing two films. One is drama about a down on his luck musician and the other is a comedy about that zombie apocalypse. Because if you can’t laugh about that, what can you laugh about? And, hopefully, I will be in Los Angeles putting the finishing touches on a remake of White Fang.

Interview With JAKE’S ROAD’s Mike Mayhall

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