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Interview With Filmmaker Vito Trabucco

Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

Vito TRABUCCO was gracious enough to sit down and answer some question regarding his two features “Bloody Bloody Bible Camp” and “Never Open The Door”

LEGLESSCORPSE: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, if I’m not mistaken, is your first feature film. How did the project come about and how did you come about directing the film.

VITO TRABUCCO: Yep, this was my first real feature. We wrote this back in 2003. I met my producer Christopher Maltauro on a USC film I was producing. He loved the idea for it so we teamed up from there. I wanted to direct it from the beginning so it just sort of stayed that way.

LC: Since this is an age were financing can come from many different sources, and a lot of young filmmakers out there want to know the best way to do it, how were both Bloody Bloody Bible Camp and Never Open The Door financed? Crowd funding, private investors, a productions company?

VT: It was private investing. The budgets on both were very small. Nowadays, people are raising more money on Kickstarter and other online avenues. I’m still learning the money side of this as well.

Never Open The Door

LC: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp has a cool interesting cast, you have the legend Reggie Bannister, Ron Jeremy, and horror director Tim Sullivan. Was the characters written for these actors? If not what was the casting process involve scooping up these icons?

VT: We didn’t write originally with anyone in mind. Once the cast was in place, we made changes to fit the actors and they did a lot of great improv. My co-writer Shelby knew Reggie from a prior shoot. He and his wife Gigi were in from the beginning. They recommended Tim to me. We hit it off well and he was in. When it came to casting Jesus, Ron was just a gift from God.

LC: Your second feature Never Open The Door is shot beautifully in B&W. What was your main decision in shooting B&W as opposed to color?

VT: Yes. We wanted to shoot a B&W feature. I wrote this with Christopher (my BBBC producer). His grandfather John Brahm directed a lot of Twilight Zones, Alfred Hitchcock presents, and Outer Limits. We wanted to do something and dedicate it to him. He’s one of my favorite directors.

LC: As an independent filmmaker with two genre films under your belt, what are the toughest components of shooting on a small budget?

VT: Food! Sometimes the weather can get you too because we rarely have the luxury of rescheduling. I’ve had friends tell me the biggest problem they’ve had is getting the girls to take off their clothes. So far we haven’t run into that.

Vito Trabucco on set of Bloody Bloody Bible Camp

LC: As a filmmaker are you going to stick within the horror genre in the future or do you have plans to branch out into other genre’s?

VT: Oh yeah definitely. I want to make all kinds of movies. As long as we’re not doing romantic comedies I think we’ll be alright.

LC: Every filmmaker has a favorite Director, is their any genre Directors that really inspired you to be where you are at now?

VT: Sure, there’s a bunch. I’ve literally been watching these movies since I was a baby (blame my mom for that). I’m a real big John Carpenter fan though. It was a huge thrill for me when I finally got to meet him.

LC: If your career ended tomorrow and you never made another film, what would you say the greatest experience of your career was?

VT: The great genre actor Don Calfa once said I can eat more food than anyone he’s ever met in the movie business. I thought that was pretty cool.

Shot from Never Open The Door

LC: Do you have any projects coming up, what’s next from Vito Trabucco?

VT: Right now we’ve got the rights to remake Al Adamson’s Psycho a Go-Go. We’re ready to go on that so hopefully it will happen this year. Also, I’ll be finishing up soon producing a documentary on martial arts/stunt legend Al Leong. That will be a good one.

LC: Got to ask this… What’s your favorite horror flick?

VT: Wow I don’t know!! I think if I had to tip my hat to one it would be Frankenstein because it’s sort of the Citizen Kane of horror movies. But I kind of like Pieces.

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