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Interview With Ajala Bandele – OMG… WE’RE IN A HORROR MOVIE!!!

omg17Ajala Bandele is the brainchild behind OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie!!!, now on release via Leomark. But what sounds like an out-and-out spoof of today’s horror movies is actually a pisstake of the entire “genre”, asBandele tells us in this exclusive interview.

LEGLESSCORPSE: Why is horror so ripe for spoofing?

AJALA BANDELE: Horror is filled with cliches and predictability and everyone freaking out all the time. It’s the perfect “What if” genre and people watch it going “What if that were me? Well I’d totally survive!” And since the scenarios are always so epic or scary you have the ability to easily switch a good scare with a good laugh. Plus having the extremes in the same movie make it so drastically fun. You can keep the audience guessing. “Is this the moment where a bad guy pops out to scare me? Nope, it’s a kitty. OH GOD! The kitty is eating my face!”

LC: How does the film differ to other horror spoofs?

AB: OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie takes the stereotypes of all horror films, makes the cast aware of it, and then react with the same knowledge that the audience has. For example, we (the audience) know that black guys die first in horror movies. So instead of playing that trope out, we break away from it entirely and have them try to be in different genres. The characters are aware of “THE MOVIE” and know what to expect based on the hollywood archetypes. So if the cliche is in their favor, they go for it, if not, then they do something else. OMG doesn’t pick specific movies to spoofs, it spoofs the hole genre.
LC: Would you say it’s more a Zucker movie or a Wayans movie?

AB: It’s more Zucker than Wayans, but it has a bit of Wayans in there. OMG is not as crass or segmented in it’s jokes as in the Scary Movie movies. But it does have some of it’s laugh out loud jokes and ability to relate to the younger crowed. But Zucker is a bit classier and relies more on wit rather than shock for the jokes. And that’s what OMG focuses more on. Word play and situational humor. Yeah.

LC: What about in times of adult humor and gags?

AB: For the most part it’s more Zucker based. Although there is a sex scene that I think the Wayans brothers would dig.

LC: Are you spoofing any particular movies here?

AB: Nope. No need. Those spoofs have been done before. But very few have done the whole genre. You might find elements from other movies, but they are the same elements you find in a lot of horror movies.
LC: Did you insist on fresh faces for the main roles?

AB: Well I was pulling for Scarlett Johansen and Denzel Washington but they required this mythological idea called money. So I asked all my broke friends who were desperate to act and who were just as good to do their best.

LC: What’s next for you, in 2016?

AB: The sequel! This movie needs a series. And not the “Let’s milk this for all it’s worth and compromise the story to make more money” kinda sequels. The kind we are doing are the “Oh my god… they should totally do this because it would add to the story as a hole and it makes sense in the world they created” Plus, they would be hilarious.

LC: How was it acting and directing at the same time? Hard juggle?

AB: Rough, since it was the first time I had done it. There were days where I was like “Who the hell is acting in this scene. Oh… I think I’ll go learn my lines then.” But also being the writer I knew most of the script by heart anyway so that helped. And to help out I didn’t use many angles and just relied on the acting prowess of my buddy Chris Hampton to carry the scene in long takes. But yeah, it was kinda hard to juggle so many poisonous flaming chainsaws while learning mahjong in Mandarin. And there are some choices I wish I had told myself to “Suck less” in, but hey, I did alright.

LC: If you do a sequel, what 2015 horror film would you love to spoof in it?

AB: I think I’d like to take elements from Cabin in the Woods and The Walking Dead. And of course Sharknado because how do you not spoof that unique film. But I’m not limited by genre or particular film. So we can do “OMG… We’re in a Horror Movie sequel”Or “OMG… We’re in a Rom Com!!!” Ooo. Rom com. (Thinking Cap get’s put on head)



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