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Interview With KINGDOM COME Director Greg A. Sager

Kingdom Come DVD Artwork

From filmmaker Greg A.Sager (Devil Seed), comes Kingdom Come, hitting DVD and Digital December 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment. A group of strangers wake up disoriented and soon find themselves being stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions. As they begin to question the coincidences that link their pasts, they soon realize that the decisions they make will seal their fates forever.

LEGLESSCORPSE: For those that haven’t seen the film, what does the title refer to?

GREG A. SAGER: The title, funny enough, was just a working title and we thought eventually would be changed by our distributors eventually before release. Turns out that the title just kind of worked so they kept it. Kingdom Come refers to ‘heaven’ in the bible although our film deals with those places in between without trying to give too much away.

LC: Would you say the film is an old school horror throwback – something akin to The Shining? How did you pitch it?
GS: I didn’t really have to pitch it to anyone with the exception of a few investors as we produced the film ourselves. With the investors it was kind of like, ‘hey I can really tell you what its about without giving to much away so here’s the script…read it. We knew we had a strong script and figure the best way to sell it was have them read the script.

LC: Backtracking a bit, what brought you to the project? What was the appeal?
GS: I wrote the film and not being religious I’ve always enjoyed horror films with religious undertones because it makes for great movie fodder and the unknown. Films like the Exorcist even if you aren’t religious still are creepy as hell and make you think in the back of your mind… ‘what if’.

LC: Did you get a lot of say in casting? Where did you find your talented leads?
GS: I pretty much had free reign on choosing the cast with the help of my brilliant casting directors, which I cant say enough good things about. Considering we had a really tight budget brought some great choices to the table based on discussing what I was looking for. Its really great when you are not only the writer and director but also a producer you can really maintain a lot of the creative control over the project.

LC: What’s your take on VOD? Have you yourself switched to streaming movies, over buying physical DVDs, yet?

GS: I think eventually VOD is what everything will be on, VOD and/or theatrical. It is the future and we filmmakers need to embrace it for better or for worse as long as they are able to have a consistent and significantly higher model for the revenue splits between the various platforms with the distributor and producers. Right now its actually driving budgets and returns down because there are so many platforms to release on. I still like DVD’s and Blu Ray’s. Anything I buy is in those formats. I like things I can physically touch. Hell, I still subscribe to magazines. It’s like Christmas every month when they come in the mail.

LC: The film has been getting a lot of attention on the internet in recent times. Do you believe the internet is a necessary marketing tool for independent movies?

GS: Absolutely. For small independent films its crucial to have an online presence such as horror/film websites and social media because you don’t have no where near the P&A budgets of major films if any at all. The Internet is the only friend of the independent filmmaker when it comes to advertising especially in the crowded market place created by lower cost filmmaking and the plethora of distribution outlets. All you can hope is that you can find your audience on the internet and if you do that they’ll do so much and help spread the word.

LC: Is there anything you didn’t accomplish with the film, either due to budget or time constraints that you wanted to?
GS: There are always things. More time to shoot which means more money. Time is always the biggest compromise but in pushes you forward creatively and as long as everyone does the best job they can with the resources available that’s all you can really ask then cross your fingers that what comes out on the end is close to the vision you had going into it. I think we succeeded.

LC: Would you consider doing a sequel?
GS: I never close that door but will cross that bridge when I come to it. I never plan on sequels. I’ve told the story I wanted to tell and now its time to move onto the next. Having said that if someone cuts a cheque to make a sequel…well…you know how it is.


Interview With KINGDOM COME Director Greg A. Sager

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