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Interview With THE INDESTRUCTIBLE Writer Director Kalen Artinian

LEGLESSCORPSE: I know you’ve been working on The Indestructible script for awhile now. How did the concept come about and without giving to much away, what’s it about?

KALEN ARTINIAN: The concept for The Indestructible came about from me just reflecting on my own experiences in high school. It’s loosely based on my time in high school, but taken to the absolute extremes. It’s about a teenager who’s been bullied his entire life but it doesn’t really phase him. All he cares about is drawing comics in his sketchbook. It’s his escape from his harsh reality, but eventually his reality and fantasy become blurred.

LC:  The Indestructible is describe as a mixed media project mixing live action with animation in a unique and interesting way. Can you tell us a little more about what we can expect when it’s complete?

KA: Our lead character often draws in his sketchbook and every time he does, we go into his drawings with an animation sequence. These sequences foreshadow and eventually lead to a mind blowing finale combining animation, fantasy and reality that has to be seen to be believed.

LC:  Your last two short films, Hellvetica and Ruby’s Secret were very well received at festival circuits, why continue to produce shorts as opposed to a feature? What benefits do you see in creating short films?

KA: I feel like the end goal for most filmmakers is feature films and it’s definitely mine as well. Shorts are a great way to experiment and develop your voice. It’s also good to have a couple of great short films to use as a sort of calling card to launch bigger projects in the future. My goal is to prove myself with shorts so I can secure funding for features.

LC: You currently have an indiegogo campaign going for The Indestructible to complete financing. What kind of cool perks do you have for our readers to jump on?

KA: We’ve got some really unique rewards that make you feel like you’re part of the team. One of my favourites is The Senior perk, where we’ll name a classmate after you and we’ll say your name out loud in the film. We’ve also got tshirts, original artwork and IMDB credits!

LC: If everything goes as planned with the funding, when would photography begin and when do you think the film would be ready for the masses?

KA: We aim to shoot the film in mid to late February 2015. I’ll be doing the editing myself and when I get excited about something I get obsessive with it so the film should be ready for the masses in late Spring 2015.

We thank Kalen for taking the time out of his schedule to chat with us. We hope the interview has sparked your interest as it has done our and you check out the official campaign by clicking here!

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Interview With THE INDESTRUCTIBLE Writer Director Kalen Artinian

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