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Interview with Eddie McGee of THE HUMAN RACE

The Human Race
Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Eddie McGee, the star of a rad new horror flick called The Human Race. (In case you missed it, you can read my review of this awesome and inventive film here!) Unfortunately I ran into some technical issues and my call kept getting dropped— stupid desert winds, screwin’ shit up!— but Eddie could not have been more understanding. What a sweetheart! It was such a delight speaking with such a fascinating man. Eddie, if you are reading this, if I ever get to interview you again, I’m calling you from a landline… or buying you coffee or a drink, because you can’t get bad reception in person!

Here’s our interview— I edited out a few “Can-you-hear-me-now?”s, a bit of profanity on my part when my call dropped, and lots of Eddie very sweetly telling me not to worry about the technical issues… but the rest of it is intact! (Lesson learned. Never conduct a phone interview in the desert, kids!!)

LEGLESS CORPSE: Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview with us!

EDDIE McGEE: No problem, thanks for having me!

LC: Of course! First of all, I loved The Human Race. It was such an inventive movie, and I haven’t seen anything like it, which is pretty rare in the horror industry at the moment! Would you mind telling me a little bit about how you got involved with the project?

EM: I met Paul Hough, the writer and director, about ten years ago on a music video project that we shot together, and Paul had this idea…. We shot a film called The Angel, and then after The Angel we did a music video together, and a short film, and the next progression was to go head and shoot a feature.

Actor Eddie McGee

LC: I’m curious, what was it like filming The Human Race? It seems like it would be very physically taxing to film a movie about a race.

EM: It was a physically demanding film! It took us four years to shoot the picture, but I started training for it about six months before we shot the picture. Then I had a training regimen I had to keep up for four years.

LC: Wow… that is intense!

EM: Yeah, it was physically demanding, but everyone in the film was great. The whole cast, we had to do a lot of stuff, they all worked hard for us, which was great.

LC: So I know you won Big Brother a little while ago, and I’m curious about how you made the transition from reality TV start to actor.

EM: (Laughs) I was a journalism major and theatre minor at my university before Big Brother, at the University of Texas at Arlington, where I went to school. When I got off of Big Brother, I was found by a production company in Toronto, Canada, that asked me to come along and star in this rom-com they had called Drop Dead Roses, alongside Brian O’Halloran, from Clerks. So Brian and I did this picture up there in 2001, and that did well, and then after that I went back to New York and got an agent and my agent got me on Law and Order, and a couple of daytime soaps, and a few feature films… at that point, I met Paul, who cast me all of his stuff, and I moved to LA, and luckily, I’ve been busy ever since.

LC: How did you guys decide to release the film on both video on demand and in theaters? I think it’s a really interesting concept and we’re seeing more and more of it in the industry.

EM: You know, we’re happy with that decision! Paul and I are just all about getting our project out there and getting it seen by people, but yeah, that was something Paul and our distributor XLerator came up with. Again, we’re just happy to have it out there in all of the formats and we’re ready for people to check it out. When you work hard on a picture, such as we did, we just wanted for it to be seen by people… loved, liked, hopefully well received!

LC: Absolutely. Well, all the reviews I’ve read have all been glowing so I think you’ve done a great job with it. You also used Kickstarter for the film, would you tell me a little bit about that?

EM: Kickstarter was great. We were lucky to have… I don’t want to say a “fan base” but I want to say that we were lucky enough to have fantastic supporters—a lot of them were people that know Paul and I. We used that money towards sound design for the finished product. So Kickstarter was a great experience, I think it’s great to be able to have something like Kickstarter or Indiegogo where you can tell people about a project you’re doing, and they believe in you and they can help you out!

LC: I have to ask you our signature little closing line… what is your favorite horror movie?

EM: My favorite horror movie? Oh, that’s a good question! I love the Freddy Kruegers, Friday the 13ths, the old Jason movies… all those great horror movies that were done in the 80s. I’m a big fan of Wes Craven, too… I’ve always loved those 80s horror movies.

Again, sincerest thanks to Eddie for not only letting me interview him, but for being such a cool guy. He could not have been any sweeter.

The Human Race will be released in theaters and on Video On Demand this Friday the 13th (how apropos!) and will be available on DVD and Blu-ray July 22nd. If you are here in LA you can see it at Arena Cinema in Hollywood from the 13th to the 19th!

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