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INNOCENCE (2014): Review…Ignore The Poster Art, It’s Actually A Good Flick

Horrible poster art for INNOCENCE

When I was first introduced to the film INNOCENCE was through a press release that came to me via email. Attached to the PR was an image of the poster for the film. It featured two teens horribly photoshopped in an awkward pose. In the background was a city landscape with a set of eyes in the sky looking over the teens. My first thought was “this is the worst movie poster ever”. My second “this movie is going to blow”. But I watched it anyway because A. that’s my job and B. I’ll give anything a chance. The marketing team, specifically the one who approved this poster to represent the film should be dragged to the back parking lot and given a severe beating, or just get fired.  This is a good little film and tons of potential viewers are going to take one look at this horrid poster and pass right over it (after a good chuckle). Okay enough about the poster you can see it in the post (first image in the upper left). Okay, my rant about the poster art is over, let’s move on.

INNOCENCE tells the story of a 15 year old girl, Beckett, who’s mother dies from an aneurism while surfing. Four months later Beckett and her father move from the country to the city to start over. Here she gets accepted into a high profile prep school. After one of her classmates commits suicide in front of her, she starts seeing strange things, having nightmares of other dead girls, and even encounters her classmate she witnessed plummet to her death. As Beckett begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together she realizes that others at the school in the past have commented suicide. She knows something isn’t right about the school and has to find out the answers before she is next.

Sophie Curtis as Beckett

Directed by Hilary Brougher (as well as screenwriter), INNOCENCE is a good film. The film is geared towards the PG-13 crowd, those that enjoyed the TWILIGHT SAGA especially. This is certainly not my type of film. Now just because it doesn’t feed my taste in particular doesn’t mean I thought it was a bad film.

The storyline is simple enough and based on the novel by Jane Mendelsohn. The story moves smoothly giving us just enough information as Beckett so it keeps us guessing. Though we know certain characters are involved in the deaths, we don’t exactly know how they are involved which keeps you watching.

Still from INNOCENCE 2014

If I hadn’t recently seen CHASTITY BITES, though more of a comedy, just a few months back I would have enjoyed this film a little more, seeing that the main plot points and storyline are almost exactly the same.

Brougher still has plenty of tricks up her sleeve providing good ‘jump scares’, extraordinary camera setups, and a great visual eye. She pulls of some beautiful footage in one scene and throws in a completely dark, and disturbing shot to keep you grounded on what kind of world we are in.

The cast is outstanding. Sophie Curtis, as Beckett, is the highlight of the film. She is the glue that kept my interest stuck for the entire film. She makes you care about the character and feel what she is going through in this strange and dark world she has fallen into.

INNOCENCE is not for the hardcore slasher fans, but if these slasher fans have a girlfriend (or boyfriend) who enjoyed the TWILIGHT films, snuggle up one night and throw on INNOCENCE. They will appreciate you that much more and you may even like it like I did.


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