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THE INHABITANTS (2015): Review…A Creepy Tale Of The Supernatural


A young couple, Dan and Jessica, buy a bed and breakfast in New England; as they prepare the new house and life, Jessica slowly discovers the history of the house and the witch and mid-wife that used to occupy it.

Will the ghost of the late witch enlist Jessica to become the surrogate mother to those that still occupy the house, or will Dan unfold the mystery and stop it?

I’ll start off by saying right now (and I’ve probably said it before), supernatural horror isn’t really my favorite sub-genre.  Most are filled with poorly executed jump scares, by music cues only, and there’s never really anything visually to be scared of…well…because they’re ghosts.

The Inhabitants is written and directed by the Rasmussen brothers (Dark Feed). The Inhabitants has a bunch of things going for it. The Rasmussen’s have a great visual style and know their way behind a camera. Their choice of shots, lighting, and camera movements are superbly executed to tell the story that they want to tell. The film takes place, mostly, in the house with just the two main actors, but the film feels so much bigger than that on a visual level.

The story itself is filled with the parts of supernatural films that I don’t like; however, As opposed to being bored halfway through it, I was still enthralled and wanted to learn more about the history and mythology of Lydia the with mid-wife.

I have to be honest here and say one of the main reasons I was so invested in the story was of the talent in front of the camera. Elise Couture as Jessica did an amazing job taking on this very challenging character and keeping it grounded enough to not ooze cheese as the film progresses and her character changes. Couture is not only easy on the eyes, but is also a huge talent that brings so much more to the film.
Michael Reed is no slouch himself as Dan. He does a great job portraying the “every man” in this situation. He doesn’t over-act the part (and this is where some writers also fail in the sub-genre) as the worrisome partner.

Another great aspect is the score and sound design. It keeps things creepy one hundred percent of the time. It brings a tension to the film, and house itself, throughout the run-time.

The Inhabitants is a fun, spooky film that supernatural fans certainly need to check out.

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