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INDIE SPOTLIGHT – VERMIN: A Passionate, Original Horror Film

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Indie film is such an amazing creative form. A group of people getting together and passionately creating a story in a make believe world they have made up. Then setting their sites above most others and actually doing whatever it takes to get that film made. To me, that’s fucking exciting, it’s exhilarating, and very brave!

We search out the indie scene, after-all, that’s what makes us different than most horror/film sites. We create a platform for these eager and passionate people to explain their projects, plead their cases for crowd funding, and to help get their films made, when other sites wont. This is important to us, the horror genre, and to film and the arts in general.

While searching I came across this little overseas project called VERMIN, which screamed passion, originality, and a calling to me that it needs to be seen. I will share some info below from the filmmakers page, then please click the links below the info to learn more details on how you can see this film.

We are a group of six filmmakers who all have a shared passion in the genre of horror, we aim to engage our audience by bringing together our separate skill sets to create something emotionally and visually exciting for our audience. We have all created our own fiction shorts before, however we are really excited to truly delve into a genre that we all enjoy so much.

Overview of the Film

We are aiming to create a narrative based around our main character ‘Ellen’ she has recently experienced a break up with her long term boyfriend and it has hit her hard emotionally. She decides she can no longer live with her best friend and must prove to herself that she can manage on her own. To do this she moves into a new house, but the move is made more difficult as she discovers her ‘new’ house isn’t what she hoped it to be. The creaky sounds and the apparently rat problem seem to originate from a locked door.

Although the rats keep her on edge with their scratching she is determined to prove to herself that she can manage on her own and a small infestation of rats is not going to ruin this for her. Her ex-boyfriend won’t stop pestering her which only drives her determination to stay in the house, but with her obsession with the locked door beginning to grow, is this what is finally going to break Ellen’s focus?

Check out more info at the links below or click on the large banner at the top of the page!





INDIE SPOTLIGHT – VERMIN: A Passionate, Original Horror Film

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Chad Armstrong

President/Co-Owner at LC Films
Chad Armstrong is a writer/producer/director who was born and raised in Long Beach CA. In 2009 he relocated to Alabama where he founded LeglessCorpse, a site dedicated to independent horror films, and soon after created the indie horror distribution company LeglessCorpse Films (currently known as LC Films). Not only is he co-owner of and LC Films he is also President of the newly formed Back Aisle Video label. Chad's most recent feature film is Deimosimine, and currently in development on the feature film Blood Dancers 2: Full Moon.