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Indie Horror PSYCHOSIS Available on VOD

Indie filmmaker Kirill Khrestinin is at it again with his feature film PSYCHOSIS, which he wrote, directed, starred in, edited, and even composed the score for.

Psychosis — Russian Indie Horror from Kirill Khrestinin

SYNOPSIS — Alex and two friends journey to the home of his deceased grandmother, which he must stay in for three days and three nights in order to inherit. The three city kids have decided to head out to rural Russia to fulfill the obligations of the will, but what Alex and companions don’t know is that his grandmother was a merciless, murdering witch, with an undead minion who is ready and willing to kill whomever she wishes with his huge axe.


A couple of interesting facts about the making of this film:

Khrestinin and his cinematographer were arrested by the Russian police while shooting a basement scene — they had left a coffin and some other props in the middle of the yard, and neighbors called the police. Luckily, they were released the following day after clearing up this little misunderstanding, but the day’s production was lost.

There’s a scene with burning field that was actually a happy accident — Khrestinin saw the fire, took his cast and crew to the area, and made the scene at the spur of the moment.

The owner of the house used in the film died after the movie was finished — some superstitious folks blame the production of the movie, using real ritualistic icons with real spells — in Russia, it’s considered bad luck to play around with these things.

This movie was released for an Internet audience and you can watch it on Vimeo on demand:


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