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HOW TO KILL A ZOMBIE 2015 Review: “Sweet… Zombies!”


A father and son survivalist team take on the undead in this horror-comedy directed by Tiffany McLean and releases October 6th from Brain Damage Films.

I must say the film started out rough for me… Poor acting, production flaws, and extremely bad dialogue had me cringing early on. But the father / son team of Mack and Jesse actually grew on me quite quickly.

How To Kill A Zombie, despite it’s technical flaws, over-the-top cheesy dialogue, and bad acting, is a tremendously fun film. Again it took me about 15 minutes to get past these obstacles and was able to enjoy the film for what it is.

The cast of characters that Jesse and Mack end up crossing paths with and trying to save, is equally quirky and fun. Some outrageous comedy setups and punch lines work well with these characters and there were actually a few times I laughed out loud, that’s a rarity for me.

I can sit here and wax technical issues about the film all day long, but that has no impact on the fact that I enjoyed the film and it entertained me and kept me invested throughout the film. It’s funny, smart, and outrageous.

This is how independent filmmakers need to go into making a film. The fun and enthusiasm from behind-the-scenes of the cast and crew boils over into the film. Creating a light-hearted atmosphere which leaves the viewer with a smile on their face and wondering what type of shenanigans took place while shooting.

Sure there are some roll-your-eyes CGI FX, but it fits in well with the type of film you are watching. The makeup FX is solid and easy on the eyes, but what makes this film as fun as it is, is the cast.

Check this one out if you got some extra time and dig some outrageous comedy on a low budget scale.


HOW TO KILL A ZOMBIE 2015 Review: “Sweet… Zombies!”

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Chad Armstrong

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