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HORROR BLOCK A Monthly Box Of Horror “What’s In The Boooox”

I received an email asking if I wanted to review a Horror Block. I was going to be sent two, one for review and one to giveaway. “Sure” I wrote back having no idea what in the hell was going to be sent to me. The cool thing about it, the email had links to their website, and YouTube videos, but I didn’t click on any links, didn’t do any research, I was going to be surprised by this Horror Block if it killed me.

A few days later these Horror Blocks arrived. I set one aside for a prize and carefully opened this black box with a bloody handprint on it. As I slowly lifted the lid and looked inside…

I was ecstatic. In the box was two horror themed tee shirts, a high quality Eddie Mask (the mascot from the metal band Iron Maiden), a horror book, and some horror FX tattoos, perfect for Halloween.

Horror Block brings monthly horror directly to your door.

So after I checked out the merch I jumped online to do my research. is a horror fans dream. It’s like horror fans can have a Christmas every month. Basically, how it works, you subscribe to the service for $19.95 and every month they send you a Horror Block filled with different horror swag. They have license toys from some of the major horror franchises, so it’s not garbage you’ll get. We are talking The Walking Dead, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc. etc. The signup is quick and painless and if you notice your funds are dwindling you can cancel at anytime and start up again when your ready.

I must say this is a genius idea and you bet your asses I will be signing up for the service. I wonder what cool swag they will have for the October Block? As of today October 6th you have 18 days to sign up for October’s block. So hurry on over to and sign up to see what cool swag will be in the box. Remember, every time you see that box sitting in your mail box or porch do your best Brad Pitt impersonation and say in a whiney tone “What’s in the booox”?!

The nice folks at Horror Block want one of our cool readers to win one of these fantastic Blocks. Just click this link to enter.


HORROR BLOCK A Monthly Box Of Horror “What’s In The Boooox”

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