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HONEYMOON Press Day – Or “Why I Hate People”

Director Leigh Janiak on set

One of the awesome things about writing for this site is the discovery process that comes with covering new movies and getting to know the creators behind them.  I love watching films I would have never really been exposed to prior to coming to Legless Corpse.

That is precisely what happened with Leigh Janiak’s Honeymoon (check out the review!).  I probably would have stumbled upon it during an IMDB check of Rose Leslie, but otherwise I would have missed this wonderful film… and my very first press day.

Yes, this is a website that covers horror films so who would want to come here and read about some kid’s press day?  You.  Because you’re awesome.

Prior to my favorite first press day, I was freaking out because 1) I love Rose Leslie and 2) it was taking place at some really swanky hotel and I’m not a fancy dude.  So I strut in in my killer skull dress shirt, help myself to some free food, and wait not-so-patiently for my turn at the round table.

Being able to hear the film process and the emotions behind the script from Leigh Janiak herself was beyond compare.  For this young, first-time director to create a fictional relationship that managed to seem so real in a story that houses more terrifying things than a George A. Romero movie completely blew my mind.  Hearing how Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway gave backstories to their characters prior to filming provided a fun little anecdote and left me with a smile.

Rose Leslie and Harry Treadaway in HONEYMOON

What completely baffled me, though, was being stuck in a room with seasoned journalists who knew the right questions to ask, had the right connections, bragged about going to Emmy after parties… but treated the press event as just a time-consuming chore.  With their rehearsed lines and mistaking the director for the star of the film (really?), I felt as though I were surrounded by people who had become infected by the aliens in Honeymoon.  It seemed as though they had forgotten what brought them into journalism in the first place.

It makes me feel extremely grateful to be able to write for a site like Legless Corpse: We actually enjoy what we do.  We haven’t become jaded (yet) and we haven’t lost sight of what we’re here for.  We’re here for the horror, the stories, the experiences and opportunities.


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