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THE HOLLY KANE EXPERIMENT (2016): Review – An Enjoyable Espionage-Type Thriller

The Holly Kane Experiment really falls into the espionage thriller genre and was a film I enjoyed.

An obsessive psychologist attempts to reprogramme her subconscious mind, but when her actions become increasingly uncharacteristic she fears her experiment is dangerously out of control.

The synopsis is from the film’s ImDB page (, I feel if I were to try and sum the movie up it would go on forever so I will just stick with my review.

The film is an interesting look at hypnotherapy and government brainwashing, while molding it all around one character’s drive to determine she doesn’t turn out crazy like her sister. The film’s story, which could have derailed early and easily, with the inter-weaving’s of characters, their sub-plots, back-stories, and how they play a role in the film’s plot, but thankfully director Tom Sands and writer Mick Sands do a brilliant job keeping things un-cluttered and easy to follow.

Kirsty Averton who plays Holly Kane, does a good job in the lead role making us truly believe her fear of becoming crazy like her sister. A that fear pushes her to the point where she’d dedicate her life studying and creating a experimental program to combat that from ever happening.

The Holly Kane Experiment Review

The film certainly has a great espionage genre feel to it, and uses those strengths in a refreshing way.

There are some nice visual moments when Holly is floating around in her hypno-tub during her experiments, some good characterization, and a plot that — just when you think it’s too confusing to follow — pulls you back in and gets you up-to-speed on things.

The film is tough for me to review, as it’s not really my forté or a genre I visit often — but I can certainly say that the film did a great job hooking me in, and had me wanting to see what happened to these characters.



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