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HOLLISTON: The Second Season A Comedy Horror Fans Can’t Miss

Holliston the second season
I must admit I haven’t seen the first season of Holliston. I’m not a big sitcom fan. I haven’t actually sat down or was excited about a sitcom since Three’s Company. So when I sat down to watch and review Holliston The Complete Second Season I was less than enthusiastic.

Watching the first episode on Blu Ray, which was a Christmas flashback episode, I thought my fear about this show had come true. A bad laugh track, no really big laughs and of course I was expecting more bloody effects. But I plugged along to the next episode, which I’m glad I did.

The show is FANTASTIC! The remaining 9 episodes had me laughing and giggling like a little girl. I should have known from Adam Green and Joe Lynch’s Chillerama that this would be over the top, bloody fun.

Kane Hodder in Holliston

What makes the show so great is the fact that most of this stuff wouldn’t be funny to the everyday movie goer. The jokes are specifically tailored to hardcore horror fans. The chemistry between the four main characters is priceless and over the top, which I would expect from seeing Chillerama.

Another great aspect of the show is seeing horror icons showing up and delivering some performances that are totally out of character. I must say, hands down my favorite episodes were the ones with Kane Hodder. He is funny as shit, and who would have known. There is a scene were Danielle Harris comes out of the bathroom to seduce Adam wearing the clown costume she wore in Halloween. She makes Adam put on a Michael Myers mask and starts grinding on him. Kane pops his head in, see’s what’s going on, grabs his JUNK, hollers “shit yes”, snatches a Jason mask from Adam’s shelf, puts it on, does a Jason deep breath that only Kane can do, and proceeds to become a participant, all to Adams horror. (Again you know I’m excited about something when I start with the run-on sentences).

Adam Green and Joe Lynch in Holliston

I couldn’t write about this show without mentioning Dee Snyder as Lance Rocket, the guys boss. He brings his 80’s Twisted Sister character back with a vengeance, and is way over the top and fun.

Overall I had my doubts, but after watching this show I will be seeking out the first season and I have become a huge fan.

This is truly a show any horror fan can not miss. And the great news is, the second season is available now from RLJ and Image Entertainment. What the fuck are you waiting for… grab it!

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Chad Armstrong

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