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High Jinks and Homicide! SCARE CAMPAIGN Trailer

Scare Campaign

Classic Halloween pranks are always amusing: making it rain toilet paper on some trees, clowns with machetes chasing trick-or-treaters down the street or giving the neighbor a caramel onion. Those are all in good fun, but the TV prank show in Scare Campaign takes it too far and their “stooge” goes on a psychotic killing spree. It starts with an actor getting karate chopped in the face and then blood is spraying after a chainsaw is revved up and streamed live via murder-cam.

Scare Campaign debuted at Monster Fest and is scheduled for an anti-Valentines Day screening.

Synopsis: Popular reality show, Scare Campaign, has been entertaining audiences with antics and frights. But as we enter a new age of online television, it’s time to up the ante. The team will go too far this time . . . and they are about to prank the wrong guy.




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