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Help Get The Story Of The Hanging Tree Told — Support WITHIN THESE WOODS

Within These Woods tells the story of “The Hanging Tree”, a tree that hundreds have hung from, it’s dark presence, and a hauntingly sinister past…

Within These Woods — Help make it happen!!

A group of teens decide to venture off and try to discover the true story behind the legend of the hanging tree. Although no actual historical records suggest it, witch trials were known to have occurred there in the 1600s, as well as a known recent suicide and murder. The group of teens never returned. This is the actual found footage of their expedition. Within these Woods lies a tree that hundreds have hung from, a dark presence, and a sinister past…

The Legend of The Hanging Tree is only known to Long Island Natives, the paranormal presence and sinister events that have occurred and remain at the tree lie undisturbed. Today,  filmmaker Billy Carol and his crew want to shed some light on the events that actually happened, to tell the story that the dead cannot.

With your help, the silenced will no longer remain in the dark…no longer will they just be a legend.


This movie is based on actual events, this tree really does have a sinister presence. The contact Caroll and his cohorts will be making with this tree could lead to possible devastating results — they really don’t know what spirits they might awaken — perhaps they will wish they had never disturbed the tree.

The challenges for this movie include simply just filming — almost every time they have been around the tree, they’ve been plagued with misfortune:  cameras die, or lag and go crazy.  Additionally, there is a quite a bit of ground work that needs to be done to film such a movie.  If you think it’s all talk, Caroll invites you to visit at night for yourself:  3:03am, Grove avenue, Patchogue, Long Island…deep into the woods…

So c’mon, Fellow Fans — pony up a few bucks and give these guys the helping hand they need to bring their story to you!  You can even pick up some cool swag for yourself in the deal!




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