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HELLEVATOR A Terrifying New Game Show From Blumhouse

Premiering this Wed Oct 21 8/7c on Game Show Network, is HELLEVATOR, the terrifying new game show from Blumhouse and hosted by the Soska Sisters.

It’s an exciting time for horror within the TV realm. We have the hottest show – The Walking Dead, ZNation, the under-rated Scream TV series, and Fear The Walking dead. All have their unique attributes, characters that we love or hate, and a story-line that sucks you in.

But, with the recent release of the dreaded series ‘Scream Queens’, I felt that Horror on TV had hit it’s peak and we were going to see a decline in innovated horror shows. But come Wednesday is a new show called HELLEVATOR. From the genius horror minds at Blumhouse (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, SINISTER) and hosted by The Soska Sisters (SEE NO EVIL 2, AMERICAN MARY) comes, HELLEVATOR! HELLEVATOR isn’t a narrative series, but a horror game show, yes game show! It’s like if SAW met The Price Is Right (well not exactly, I just love the thought of Bob Barker looking at the contestants and in a haunting, grumble of a voice saying “I want to play a game“)

A team of three contestants take a ride on the Hellevator, each member getting off on a different flour and conquering a frightening challenge (think Saw). The contestants have a certain amount of time to make it back to the Hellevator to earn money for the team. If the contestant isn’t quick enough the Hellevator moves on leaving them stranded, in limbo, on that flour and they don’t earn any cash.

This is certainly a brilliant idea and the next best thing to being on the show, is watching it. Check out the clip below and tune into the GAME SHOW NETWORK this Wednesday October 21nd at 8/7C and watch the terror and laughs unfold!!! We’ll certainly be tuning in!

HELLEVATOR A Terrifying New Game Show From Blumhouse

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Chad Armstrong

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