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HEAD: Upcoming Indie Puppet Horror Flick Raising Funds Now!

HEAD – Upcoming Puppet Horror Film

So what would you Fellow Fans have thought of The Muppet Show with Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger ripping through their ranks?  Peter Jackson’s Meet The Feebles gave us a little glimpse of what the world of puppets could be like viewed with a little realism (and a whole heap o’ black humor); as a horror fan, it kinda whet my appetite for what could be done in the same format with a horror story.


Along comes Elmwood Productions, a film production group from Plainville, Connecticut that specializes in puppetry, and that’s exactly their plan with their upcoming feature, HEAD. They’ve done several series (Mr. Universe & Don, Steve the Vampire, G@mrz, Animal Behavior) and shorts (The Walking Path, Mommy, Where Does Candy Come From?, The First Kiss), and even produced a 15 minute live show that opened for The Wham City Comedy Tour this past February.  HEAD will be their second feature film (the first was Josh and Todd: The Story of A Man and His Puppet), and their first foray into the realm of puppet horror.

UntitledHEAD is a throwback to the 70’s and 80’s Grindhouse B-horror film.  What could be better than a weekend camping retreat with your friends?  What could be worse than finding out the woods where you’re setting up camp was the site of a brutal mass murder from the decade before?  Four young men and women are about to find out more than they ever bargained for in HEAD.  Instead of playing it with human actors, the folks at Elmwood Productions are shooting with puppets, because…well, that’s what they do at Elmwood Productions.  However, this isn’t a kids show; they’re using puppets outside of the conventional “puppet” world.  The “stars” are not “puppets” in this film – they are people.  When is the last time you saw a puppet play it straight?

Principal photography is underway, and they hope to have the film ready by the end of the year.

Check out the teaser trailer:

Although they’ve already started production, as all you Fellow Fans know, funds are always important to indie filmmakers.  In this case, the money contributed to this project will go towards any extra production costs, post-production costs, marketing, and distribution for HEAD.  Any funds that are left after all of that will be used to purchase more supplies and new equipment to keep Elmwood Productions going; after all, video and filmmaking technology is ever evolving, getting even better every day, and they’ve been self-financing their projects for over a decade; a little help goes a long way!


They’re not asking for much, just something to keep ’em going through their next few productions, and they’re offering some nice perks for contributors!  The more you donate, the more they can do, and they certainly want their work to be the best it can possibly be…so if you can, you Fellow Fans out there throw in a little to support this new endeavor into independent horror!


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