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HANS CRIPPLETON: TALK TO THE HANS (2014): Review…A Funny Horror Mockumentary

hans-crippleton-reviewHans is a guy who was born out in the sticks and has a deformity from inbreeding, leaving him with a little (and I mean little) hand.  Hans somehow becomes a b-movie size star at horror conventions, and his success has even landed him an agent.  The horror community loves him…but the zombie apocalypse is also happening within the film, and unfortunately Hans gets bit.  The community that once loved him is now turning thier back on him. He can’t get a job and his agent even cuts him loose…

What’s a Hans to do?

Hans Crippleton: Talk To The Hans, written by Kevin Ward and Directed by Jimmy Lee Combs,is a film shot in a mockumentary style interviewing Hans’ inbred family, going back and showing a very funny scene of his redneck birth, and other hilarious scenarios.

The makeup effects are great: from Hans’s arm, to the zombies, to his crazy-looking family, the quality of the makeup really surprised me in this type of cheese-comedy that we are used to seeing.

It’s certainly a funny take on the zombie apocalypse with an homage to the horror convention community and fans.  If you’re into slapstick humor you will love Hans like I did.; if not, give it a shot anyway…you maybe pleasantly surprised.


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Chad Armstrong

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