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H. R. GIGER’S DARK STAR Documentary To Get North American Theatrical Release

H. R. Giger’s DARK STAR

He is the father of what is arguably the greatest movie monster design to ever grace the silver screen. It is certainly almost every creature effect artist’s dream to create something as iconic and breathtaking as the star beast from Ridley Scott 1979 classic, simply titled Alien. However, so far none of them have come close. H.R. Giger, with his ability to break the mold of typical airbrush art, his life long battle with night terrors, and his flair for combining the erotic with the mechanical (coining the term bio-mechanical in the process), raised the bar for inhuman nightmares so high that at this point it seems unlikely that we’ll ever see such originality in science fiction or horror again in our lifetime.

Before his death at age 74 from a fall he suffered in May of 2014, Giger gave a series of interviews that would be spun into the new documentary that would be known as Dark Star.


Directed by Belinda Sallin and produced by Marcel Hoehn, the documentary promises to span Giger’s life recounted by the artist himself, from his home in Zurich, amongst his artworks and collection of human bones.

“At the age of 73, Hans Rudolf (“Ruedi”) Giger regarded his oldest skull with gratitude, almost affection. It was his impetus, he said, the impetus to embark on a lifelong journey into the depths and nuances of every kind of darkness. A journey that would soon come to an end, he added calmly. He’d lived long enough. It was almost as if he anticipated his rapidly approaching death.”



Also known for his contributions to Poltergeist II, Alien 3, the cult classic Species, and the unrealized yet much talked about films The Tourist and more famously Jodorowsky’s Dune, Dark Star just may be the most anticipated of H.R. Giger films for fans of the form, to date. Many will be glad to know that on January 13th Icarus Films and KimStim announced that they had jointly acquired the North American distribution rights for theatrical, non-theatrical, home entertainment, and television, opening the way for audiences in the United States to enjoy the film.

It should be some time before any more announcements are made as to the dates and locations of theatrical screenings, but this is amazing news for anyone who has dreamed of spending one last time viewing the dark brilliance of Giger’s visions on the big screen.

You can keep up with the film by going to its website at


H.R. Giger (1940 – 2014)

Forever with gratitude and admiration for H.R. Giger.  Rest in peace.




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