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Grumpy Old Werewolves: LATE PHASES One-Sheet

Oh, yes. There will be muu-muus. I’ve been excited about this practical effects laden film since it premiered at SXSW.  Nick Damici (Stake Land and We Are What We Are) stars in the lead role as a war veteran that doesn’t take s*** from snot-nosed kids…or werewolves.

Coming Soon – LATE PHASES

Synopsis – Crescent Bay is not the best place to live out one’s golden years.  Once an idyllic retirement community, the neighborhood has been beset by deadly attacks.  When war veteran Ambrose McKinley moves in, the residents immediately take offense to his abrasive personality.  But his take-no-prisoners attitude is just what he needs to survive as it becomes clear that the increasingly violent attacks are being caused by beasts that are neither animal nor man, and the tight-knit community of Crescent Bay is harboring something truly sinister in its midst.

No release date has been set for Late Phases, damn it!


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