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Grindploitation is back with Part 2: The Lost Reels on VHS ONLY

One of our fastest selling VHS of the last year was Tony Newton’s compilation anthology “Grindploitation”.  The limited edition sold out within 2 days, so of course excitement would be high for a sequel… and that’s just what SRS Cinema has for you – it’s “Grindsploitation 2: The Lost Reels”!  The limited edition goes live 7pm EST Fri 10/14/16.
“The Lost Reels”
“Just when you thought you had seen it all Grindsploitation returns with part 2 in the film series with The Lost Reels, Grindsploitation 2 is gory sadistic hell ride into the realm of exploitation, horror and grindhouse cinema be prepared for Zombies, Serial Killers, sleaze, psycho’s and much more as we once again enter the hell that is Grindsploitation featuring faux film trailers, and short films brought to you by Tony Newton and featuring an onslaught of indie film talent from across the globe!
Political correctness can go fuck itself!”


Only 30 of Vol 2 will be made available.  See the movie in the format it was intended for months before you can get it anywhere else!
In addition, at Tony’s request, an unlimited version of Vol 1 will go back up for sale the same day.  This version will have a slight change TBD to the artwork to help separate it from the original release.

Produced by
Tony Newton
Grindsploitation, VHS Lives: A Schlockumentary, 60 Seconds to Die, 2 Die For.
Music by
Directed by
Tony Newton
James Eaves
Martin Sonntag
Kim Sonderholm
Todd Sheets
Michael J. Epstein
Sophia Cacciola
Dustin Ferguson
Hunter Johnson
Alexander Emmert
Justin W. Smith
Matt Adams
Benjamin James
Ylenia Crosta Mancin
Jason Impey
Wade Radford
Paul M McAlarney
Ruben Rodriguez
Richard Chandler
Kelly Hughes
Dáire McNab
Mike McKown
Ramzi Abed
Mike Connors
Stanley Kennedy
Shane Ryan
Nick Box
John Brennan
Brad Twigg
Laume Conroy



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Chad Armstrong

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